Beijing art fair 2018

by:Ennas      2021-10-11
Introduction: Beijing art fair 2018 ( 北京艺术博览会) Is scheduled for August 2018 on September 2, 30 solstice in China international exhibition center ( Old both, north three-ring east road no. 6) At this stage, for Chinese and foreign collectors offer squad again magnificent art feast. After more than 20 years meticulously, Beijing international art exposition has become the largest domestic omnibus, dimension and lead art development trend of art event, between galleries, art institutions and collectors to build the most extensive, most efficient communication platform and information platform; Become the oldest and highest specifications the strongest, the most popular and influential art brand event. Under the policy guidance for the construction of the national cultural center, the 2018 Beijing international art exposition in & other; Art led throughout the future &; Theme of the AD hoc contemporary international gallery exhibition, famous galleries, classical art galleries, exhibition, exhibition of contemporary art, together with more than one hundred galleries, art institutions at home and abroad, will provide a unique art collector and the audience of modern and contemporary art experience and feeling, will provide the collector and the audience is more delicate, the art of characterization to discover and explore platform; By hosting a series of lectures on BBS and at the same time, the city and link hot journey of art, let you feel the most intuitive to China's booming art market. In this sincerely invite domestic and foreign galleries and art institutions to Beijing art fair the 21st party, met in Beijing, together brilliant! Exhibition range: 1. An exhibition galleries, art academies, art colleges, art institutions, cultural relics, inc. , art institutions, art studios, art association. 2. Range of art: traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, watercolor painting, painting, lacquer painting, printmaking, sculpture, installation, art packaging, multimedia, etc.
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