Beijiao: DIY teaching toys are creative and innovative

by:Ennas      2021-11-22

Xijiao Kindergarten: 'Science Paradise' Beautiful Kindergarten: 'So life can be more beautiful, Shunde City Network News (Reporter Li Zhiming)   'Treasure BoxThe toy competition showed the creativity of the teachers. Recently, the Education Bureau of Beijiao Town held an on-site toy making competition for kindergarten teachers in Junlan Kindergarten. Representatives of kindergarten teachers from 25 kindergartens in the town participated in the competition. After review by the judges, teachers from Beijiao Junlan Kindergarten Yu Ting, Cen Xiufen and Huang Dan, the second kindergarten teachers Shen Haiying, Guo Luzhen, Luo Ziya, Kunzhou kindergarten teachers He Haizhen, Mai Yincai, Huang Ruisen, Xijiao kindergarten Chen Huixian, The educational toys made by Teacher Zhou Ruxian, Teacher Qin Xiaojin from Midea Kindergarten, Teacher Feng Yanling, Teacher Huang Haimei, Chayong Kindergarten Teacher Liu Shuyi and Yao Suling were favored by the judges present. These toys stood out among many contestants for their creativity, novelty, beauty, exquisiteness and strong operability, and won the first prize. 13 kindergartens including Lintou Kindergarten Huang Fengmei and Zeng Caiye won the second prize, Guangjiao Kindergarten Lei Ruifang, Five kindergartens including Yang Shufang won the third prize. On November 27th, the 7 works that won the first prize of the competition were sent to the district to participate in the 'Kindergarten Teacher Regional Teaching Toys' competition.   It is understood that the competition is to be pragmatic in the basic skills of education and teaching of kindergarten teachers in Beijiao Town, and to promote the professional growth of kindergarten teachers. At the same time, we will improve the quality of education in kindergartens, build a platform for teachers to learn from each other and learn from each other, and promote the rapid development of Beijiao Town’s educational level.
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