'Beauty and the PiaoZhi Yin Wuming'

by:Ennas      2021-08-10
Core clew: Yin Wuming is shut in shaanxi province, is to produce sit qinqiang opera, people. It is simple, and speak multi-purpose falling tone, articulation are heavy, Shouting distance YuanShang, generally very long before sound, Yin Wuming is shut in shaanxi province in the people, is to produce sit qinqiang opera, people. It is simple, and speak multi-purpose falling tone, articulation are heavy, Shouting distance YuanShang, general sound before very long, finally only with fast speed content. Qin people phonology of this development, became the genius of the singing qinqiang opera, and this kind of metaphor, commonly used in the artistic expression is guan shan. Each table, the wine lead three cruise, you guys will booing miraculously found today haven't let Yin Wuming sing a brief Su Wu shepherd, at first, the jiangnan people on the table if it is not due to face even have cover their ears, but listen to more slowly, the singing of the gut-wrenching crack bowel has the beauty of the sentient beings relish to: see Yin Wuming lapped up by chopsticks, a face of the whole body and mind to crush the expression in the sky, arm mass combined muscle, followed with rhythm, the jitter, listen to the derrnatopathy also engaged with singing and ups and downs, wait for a song, all the people who listen to mind, heart faint joints section, comb the cleanse my emotions are wiped clean, leng after several seconds, and came back just a shout 'good'. Compared to the jiangsu and zhejiang area of quyi light tokoshow, qin has a simple beauty, and its narrative LiLuan, identification and betrayal, above and the rise and fall, and with a sincere and honest deep wisdom. In Yin Wuming works, viewers can often see such beauty and PiaoZhi element, it is a kind of deep from the qin and the han tang dynasty grand, full and round the modelling of relaxation, can always give people the joy of time masculine. Such as 'child' and 'horse'. The shaping of describe posture into exquisite, perhaps only on this land, and people living in this land has a sincere and honest love and deep feeling, from the bit of plot details to create such a warm and peaceful. Chinese traditional art tend to 'take implicative, cited but not fat, but not dew', literature is 'tender and gentle' as the purport of poems. In the mountains this work, you can see the tree demon general mountain Lao tze, solidification between the ancient sichuan, four eye is explaining the nature of the tao to one of the big beauty. The artist's temperament and geographical environment, regional always ley philosophizing, ethics idea and culture are closely related, figurines and so on. In five tiger general series, guan yu, zhaoyun or veteran huang zhong, are all presented spring shaping technique 'loyalty' 2 words, it is the author of self personality some projection, also cannot bear to give up on classic heroism complex. In 'enlightenment' and 'day' of these two works, I vaguely see the Yin Wuming back some kind of self awareness and life, has the three true fire boy on the forehead, although closed his eyes, but its subtle facial details reflects some sort of like the phoenix nirvana of struggle: every growth is accompanied by pain beyond himself and personality, self awareness to wisdom, is the most thorough nourishment to the marrow; 'In that day,' lotus leaf young babies, a new era in the life, solidified into life eternal identity of memories, there are creating hardships and nurturing this joy, also have to the person at the beginning of the good big exclamation and meditation. Tendency of modern and abstract implicative Yin Wuming recent works, such as 'harmony', the expression is not as straightforward as far as possible, perhaps he was a new method of performance experiment. He himself repeatedly talked about a bit, is his little draft is always better than the quality goods, is a small draft easy to individual performance and emotional expression, and sense of quality goods tend to be more material that consume the individual talent. Material selected and seiko fine to do is the figurine is also is failing. Yin Wuming efforts and results of the experiment clearly has a bright. If the 'hearts' may 'is a realistic writing, so' together 'is a thought of a color symbolism history. 'Together' is a comprehensive material Yin Wuming recent works, a marked China ( CHINA) In the name of a key, the key is a firm, or a group of ambitious or holds together the ancients, and descendants of the background: century dream of Chinese people, can't just rely on one person to open, it needs the resultant force and the collective belief. The key to China's ancient eternal texture, has a modern new and shiny, at the same time from this key, you can see, Yin Wuming pervaded the heroism complex inner world is full of energy! Shang yong
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