Bayi children's dual-purpose rocking car with small wooden horse music, swings to a degree, giving babies a sense of joy in playing

by:Ennas      2022-01-12
Shake and shake, the Trojan horse that wants to go to the Grandma’s Bridge to coax the baby is not only full of childlike fun, but also can help the parents coax the baby. Bayi children's dual-purpose rocking car, small wooden horse music four-in-one music rocking horse matching saddle pad is newly launched, and this rocking horse is not simply a guardian of a playmate, but also a work of art. Bayi Children's dual-use rocking cradle small Trojan music strictly selects imported HDPE raw materials and food-grade silicone, which is truly safe and tasteless, BPA-free, and babies can bite at ease. And according to ergonomics, scientifically dispersed stress points can bear the weight of adults, parent-child interaction is more joyful, 15cm ridge protection and high backrest, 23cm widened saddle surface, create a spacious and comfortable space for babies and increase the buffer distance during exercise. Prevent forward and backward rollover. With food-grade molar silicone LED luminous cute antlers, cute antlers design, built-in LED eye protection soft light, food-grade silicone is not afraid of baby's bite. Bayi children's dual-purpose rocking cradle with music 360° corner polishing, round and burr-free, all-round polishing of the corners, care for the baby's tender skin, so that the baby can't put it down while having fun. Coupled with a four-point anti-skid design, the resistance of the balanced anti-turning structure is doubled, and various scenes can be easily held, with a degree of swing, giving the baby a pleasant sense of play. Unique replacement design, unscrew the nut of the bottom plate, install the wheel rocking horse to easily transform into a scooter, smooth and not stuck, fun and multi-functional, and the baby is not tired of playing.
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