Bayi Baby Toys: 0-6 months of educational early education and comfort toy set Food grade is safe and secure

by:Ennas      2022-01-13
After the newborn is born, have you thought about what toys to prepare for them? Although they can't speak yet, toys can make them happy, and they will gradually fall in love with these toys. Beiyi Baby Toys Newborn Customized Gift Box, hot recommended and best gift! It contains 8 silicone rattles. The chewing part is made of food-grade silicone, which can be sterilized by high-temperature water boiling. It is equipped with an exquisite handbag, which is intimate to give away. The piggy tumbler can accompany the baby to bathe and sleep (the tumbler cannot be sterilized by high-temperature water). Manhattan hand catches the ball, which is fun to exercise the baby's grasping ability. In product design, there are no metal accessories, which can better ensure safety. Bayi baby toys Cao Yong ultrasonic mold clamping technology, 0 metal is firmly occluded, there is no screw and accessories in the whole body, and there is no harm in high temperature boiling. The shape of Bayi baby toys is very cute, and the color is macarons plus high-grade gray, the color is really delicious. Many friends once asked the editor: What gift is better for a girlfriend to give birth to a child? Today this toy set is the perfect choice. There are not many toys that newborns can play with, but they are more concerned about face. You can choose to try this Baby Baby Toy Set to ensure that the other party is very satisfied.
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