Bayi baby rattle teether educational early education toys quietly increase the baby's grip

by:Ennas      2022-02-02
The fun of toys lies in the color system that children’s eye contact is beyond the toy. Bayi’s baby rattle gutta-percha educational toy breaks the clichés and rules of the rattle, removes the aesthetics of clear lines and inappropriate times, and extracts a harmony. The production concept, materials and even colors of the natural same frequency are used to harmonize the products with childlike innocence, looking for the unfettered and innocent romance of children. Bayi baby rattle gutta-percha educational toys with full rounded and smooth contours are designed to fit perfectly. It is a natural protective layer and inspiration stimulator for infants with tender skin to touch, explore and understand the world. It also restores the simplicity and colorfulness of nature, and uses colorful colors to describe what nature sees. The children will explore nature with their vision and curiosity, bringing the children's unenlightened purity and infinite possibilities. Beiyi baby rattle teether educational early education toys are made of ABS environmentally friendly and healthy materials. The thickened material is resistant to falling and smashing, so that each rattle is thicker and the real material is visible. After the rattle is boiled and disinfected, water residues will cause bacteria to grow, and the design of the drain port is helpful for cleaning and draining, quick washing and quick drying, and after the rattle is disinfected, it is vacuum independent bagging, safe and hygienic to avoid bacteria intrusion Or microbial reproduction.
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