Basic knowledge of the soft clay _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-11
Core tip: soft clay, also called & quot; Painted pottery & quot; And some say & quot; Barbecue clay & quot; 。 In the 19th century, when German small sculptor to create this kind of material, because it has a high ductility and plasticity, fully satisfy human gen polymer clay, also known as' painted pottery, there are also called 'barbecue clay. In the 19th century, when German small sculptor to create this kind of material, because it has a high ductility and plasticity, fully meet the creation of human desire, and quickly became popular throughout the United States and Europe. It and changeable features, and immediately become inspired to create thinking, cultivating cultural temperament of the teaching material. Today, the 'ls' DIY family favorite is still the craft industry. Polymer clay also has a lot of English name, is the most common to the word 'modeling clay' and 'oven - Bake clay ', 'polymer clay, etc. , translated, means is nothing more than' soil 'and' small sculpture oven for soil 'and' polymer soil '. Basically, it is a kind of 'soil'; It is a kind of 'can small sculpture forming soil; Is a 'must be put into oven for forming soil soil of different color, shape can be aggregated, into a variety of ever-changing pattern and shape, no wonder people predicted that' ls' will be the most fashionable products in the 21st century. Belongs to the understanding of ls advanced technology products, to create good work and still have to rely on high-tech skills, techniques and ls, who also couldn't think of, it was originated from the ancient coloured glaze craft, as early as the 3rd century BC, the line is not up to the plain ( Today's Iraq) There is the emergence of coloured glaze work, ancient Egypt, coloured glaze craft Alexandria became the bank of the Nile is one of the most charming art. Phase until the 15th century Italian people find beautiful coloured glaze craft, to this kind of craftsmanship to Europe. The 16th and 17th century European Renaissance, can saying is the peak of the technology of coloured glaze at that time, the handicraft is called 'Millefiori,' meaning 'pattern like thousands of flower brilliant'. Now Florence, Italy still has 'township of the coloured glaze,' said. Later someone study, coloured glaze craft is durable, main or glass. The original glass heated, namely has the ductility and plasticity, add different minerals, coloured glaze work tends to change a lot of light and color. With the progress of science and technology, 'ls' ductility and plasticity was already a glass can; it's charm, even created the 'alternative' process of civilization. Soft clay in the normal temperature baking ( 120 ~ 150 C) , does not produce toxic or excitant gas. But if the temperature exceeds 200 C, not only can make finished burning, melting, and may even lead to combustion, irritating smoke caused by chlorine. So the correct baking is absolutely safe. Normal baking, can smell some plastic, this is a normal phenomenon, will not have impact on the human body.
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