Bamboo art collection and maintenance _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-09
Summary: China during the Ming and qing dynasties many works, at the time is for people to inkstone, or placed in the sitting room, or decoration in the study, when artifacts use already, and for their relatives and friends to enjoy; Spare time, with many works in China during the Ming and qing dynasties, is for people to inkstone at that time, or in the sitting room, or decoration in the study, when artifacts use already, and for their relatives and friends to enjoy; Spare time, holding in his chest, in addition to play with details, for recreation amusement. These ancient bamboo device, spread to today, become one art treasures, of course, there are certain collection value. Bamboo work on collection, however, has its particularity, don't be storing these works, because to do that, backfire, measures for the collection of the best and learn from the ancients, inkstone generation collection, and pay attention to do the following: first, implements the surface dirt, not with soap, soap powder and detergent chemicals, such as washing, and should be wiped gently with soft flannelette, perserve, do it regularly, so that we can maintain the surface brightness moist. If encounter aged fouling, use flannel wipe the hard work, might as well learn the right amount of shaoxing yellow rice wine or tung oil as cleaning agent, remove dirties already so, also play a protective role. Bamboo is used in the second, bamboo plants in southern China, only in a humid climate, plenty rainfall conditions to grow. Bamboo work also need corresponding temperature and humidity, if placed in a dry place for a long time, it will also cracking and deformation, lose luster. Bamboo works best to save the environment should be: the temperature of 20 ℃ or so, air relative humidity of about 60%. Third, the most famous works of the Ming and qing dynasties, antique, brownish yellow, pale yellow, dark red, brown color. Collectors should be put in the palm of your hand often addition to play, to make it smoother. Moussa play, should be on the premise of not damage the bamboo itself, be gentle, careful, modest. Fourth, it is important to prevent friction or collision works hard. Because of this friction or collision, even very minor, also which can damage the packaging, or even embarrassing scratch, scar on the picture. Fifth, root carving or large work, put the position for mobile, should one hand grip their top, one hand hold their bottom, light to light; Handling work, start with cotton paper encase, then wrapped with cotton, and then packing.
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