Bainshi children's mobile phone toys, bilingual puzzles, enlightenment and eye protection, so mothers no longer have to worry about babies grabbing their phones

by:Ennas      2022-01-19
Nowadays, mobile phones have become an indispensable tool for people's daily life, such as communication, games, and entertainment. Even babies who are a few months old like to play. Although mobile phones have brought great changes to people’s lives in today’s networked informatization, they always lower their heads to play with mobile phones. Whether it’s on the children’s shoulders, neck, and eyesight, it has a great impact. Children become addicted to playing with mobile phones, which affects later life. So, parents may wish to choose a bilingual and educational Baenshi children's mobile phone for the baby, which not only allows the baby to learn knowledge while playing, but also easily solves the problem of the baby's addiction to the mobile phone and allows the baby to enjoy the fun of learning. Bainsch children's mobile phone toys have 13 buttons, 2 modes, and 13 concepts. According to the cognitive needs of the baby, we select suitable early education content and multiple modes, which can be switched at will, so that the baby can learn more in the process of playing. The knowledge, so that mothers can be at ease with them, and no longer have to worry about grabbing mobile phones for their babies. Bainshi children's mobile phone toys choose silicone rabbit ears, soft-feeling Q bombs, and thoughtful design. The light can be turned off as needed to light up the soft color perception without hurting the baby's immature eyes. In order to match the development of baby’s fingers, Baenshi children’s mobile phone toys adopt protruding buttons and built-in elastic induction design, which can be used to play and exercise fine hand movements. The average sound level does not exceed 65 decibels. The volume can be adjusted in two levels, and the ear protection is intimate. , Does not harm the baby's eardrum. Bainshi children's mobile phone toys are thickened with ABS material, which is strong and resistant to falling; the sinking screw design is firm and can not fall apart. Don't worry even if the baby falls randomly. Baenshi children's mobile phone toys, bilingual puzzles, enlightenment eye protection, so that mothers no longer have to worry about the baby grabbing the phone, what are you waiting for? Get ready for your baby!
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