Bainshi baby XPE foldable crawling mat, peace of mind XPE effective shock absorption and gentle support_children's toys

by:Ennas      2022-01-15
From learning to crawl to walking, the companion of the crawling mat is indispensable for the baby, which not only prevents the baby from being hit by the hard floor or the seat, but also allows the baby to learn to crawl more healthily. So there are many kinds of crawling mats on the market. Which one should I choose to be comfortable and safe? Bainshi Baby XPE Foldable Crawling Mat is as warm and delicate as new-born skin, intimate care, peace of mind XPE effective shock absorption, gentle support. The XPE material is compressed to form a dense air cushion, which has strong shock absorption, which can effectively reduce the damage caused by the fall to the baby, even if the baby falls down, it will not hurt. Coupled with PE film, it can effectively isolate oily and sewage stains, and lightly rub it, bright and clean as new, bid farewell to bacteria, clean and hygienic. In addition, the crawling mat is also printed with a letter + number early education grid with plant ink, a soft and non-slip bump grid, which improves the baby's graphic cognition and tactile perception. It is cold-proof and heat-insulated, suitable for all seasons, and a multifunctional mat It can be used by the whole family, which can effectively block the heat, heat and cold. It is a baby's climbing mat and a mother's yoga mat. Triangular turning axis, quickly retract and flatten the bottom of the bed, the side of the table, the closet, the trunk... It can easily fit in every small space.
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