Bainsch newborn baby educational toy set belongs to the baby's strange dream factory_children's toy network

by:Ennas      2022-01-13
Don't underestimate the newborn babies. Although they are relatively small, they already understand the fun of toys. Therefore, the Baenshi newborn baby educational toy set brings together a variety of toy products that can be grasped and bitten, giving babies a different toy experience. The design concept is designed with a combination of multiple elements, and the baby exercises multiple cognitive abilities while playing. Safe and biteable gutta-percha material. The excellent combination of safety gutta-percha 9 environmentally friendly plastic is born for the baby's biting nature to explore the world. In addition, the design of the sand hammer can be said to be the icing on the cake and make the baby more love. High-temperature water boiling disinfection at any time is indispensable for daily care, and the time for baby toys to be disinfected in water can not be too long. Generally, the toys can be disinfected by boiling water at high temperature of 100° for 2-3 minutes. The arc feel is finely polished layer by layer, 360° without any sharp corners, play freely while protecting the baby's delicate skin from harm. 360° water filter holes, quick-drying toys for bathing, after high-temperature water boiling disinfection, parents are worried that there will be water stains left behind to breed bacteria, we designed a 360° water filter hole, which can solve this problem well. Bathing artifacts can be played in the water while bathing, and the variety of tricks can divert the baby's attention. Mom no longer has to worry about the baby being afraid of bathing and crying.
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