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by:Ennas      2022-01-13
Teeth are irritable and uncomfortable. Refusing to eat, the immune system is reduced; there is a safety hazard if you love to bite things; the baby likes to bite his hands and feet, and it is easy to breed bacteria. At this time, prepare a teether for the baby to relieve the budding discomfort, which can be better soothed Baby's emotions. What is the role of gutta percha? The safe and comfortable teether can alleviate various discomforts during the teething period by rubbing the gums, so that the baby can smooth and smooth the teeth and pass the period of teething. Bainshi baby teether rattle is made of heat-resistant materials, boiled more assured, high temperature disinfection, safe and hygienic, babies can eat safely, and care for their health. Moreover, the teether toys of various shapes have fine workmanship and no burrs, and the smooth surface will not harm the baby's skin. The independent packaging makes the baby feel at ease. Bainsch baby teether rattle rattle has fine workmanship, smooth edges, moderate size, lightweight, comfortable and cute shape, so babies will never put it down. When the baby is 0-3 years old, the optic nerve is not yet well developed, and soft colors are used to care for the baby's clear eyes. The cute hippocampus shape allows babies to bite while holding the handle to help them massage their gums. The colorful rings can be moved to exercise finger flexibility. The interesting shark shape and the rolling ball attract the baby's attention. The soft color matching promotes the baby's visual development, and the rattle makes a crisp sound. Cute fish shape, exquisite appearance design, special bow suction|Baby’s attention, the different patterns on the hand stimulate the baby’s touch, and the colorful rings can be toggled to exercise finger flexibility. The shape of a submarine, a rolling ball, trains the baby's hand muscle development, especially attracts the baby's attention, and the soft color matching promotes the baby's visual development. The Q version of the mobile phone has a small colorful bead inside. It will dangle after shaking it and make a crisp sound, which particularly attracts the baby's attention. Pressing the convex button can exercise the flexibility of the baby's fingers. Fun ball shape, you can rotate the colorful ball, shake it will make a crisp sound, the soft color matching promotes the baby's visual development. The shape of a star, the color ring can be rotated, and it will make a crisp sound when shaken, and the baby can clap my hands while shaking. The cute sand hammer shape, exquisite appearance design, and different raised lines on the handle are convenient for the baby to grasp and stimulate the baby's sense of touch. In addition, if you need detailed information or consultation, you can click on the investment promotion area below to enter the brand and product details page to learn more!
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