Bainsch baby rattle, a set of multiple pieces, multiple play methods to be opened, baby's strange dream factory

by:Ennas      2022-01-28
Just being promoted to a parent, looking at a newborn baby who is small and cute, I can't help but prepare some small toys for him, but choosing a suitable toy for the newborn baby is a very brainstorming thing. There are many playable parts in the set of Bainsch baby rattles, and a variety of play methods are waiting for you to turn on. It can be disinfected and sterilized by boiling water, so it is safe for the baby to play happily. Bainsch baby rattle is made of safe and biteable teether. The excellent combination of safety teether + environmentally friendly plastic is specially designed for the baby's biting nature to explore the world. The design of the sand hammer is the icing on the cake and makes the baby the icing on the cake. It is more playful, so that mothers can rest assured to play with their babies. Bainsch baby rattles can be disinfected at any time with high-temperature water, so that parents can take care of them at any time. Mothers should also pay attention to the boiling time not too long when disinfecting. Generally, it can be disinfected by boiling water at high temperature of 100° for 10-30 seconds. The Bainsch baby rattle has a warm and moist feel. It has been finely polished layer by layer and can play with 360° without any sharp corners. It also protects the baby's delicate skin and easily exercises the baby's fine finger movements and hand-eye coordination. The Bainsch baby rattle is easy to wash and dry, and has a variety of cute and cute shapes. It can also be placed in the bathtub when bathing your baby to divert your baby’s attention, so that the baby can play freely and take a bath without crying . Bainsch baby rattles are available in three types, two colors, and three specifications. They are suitable for infants and toddlers aged 0-1 to have fun. The wonderful play is waiting for the baby to open. The colors are rich, cute and warm, and the baby has fun.
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