Bainsch Baby Piano Fitness Rack, a fitness toy that babies can play while lying down

by:Ennas      2022-01-10
What kind of toys are good for babies from 0-3 months old? This problem can be worrying about the old mother. In this period, the baby can neither speak nor sit nor crawl. What kind of toys can be used to promote the baby's whole-body development? This Bainsch Baby Piano Fitness Toy is a good choice, especially suitable for babies from 0-3 months old who lie down and sleep. You can hear the sound of the piano keys beating with one kick of your little foot, and enlighten your baby during play. The development of the sensory system. Bainsch Baby Piano Fitness Frame selects tasteless foam support frame, soft cloth wrapped, delicate and high resilience, baby pulling is not easy to break, there are also a rich variety of early education games, novel and interesting fitness toys, so that babies can't put it down, can quickly coax their babies safely Fall asleep. Bainsch baby piano gym is a toy that can accompany your baby to 3 years old for a long time. It is suitable for lying, lying, sitting, and can easily exercise the baby's fine motor grasping ability, allowing children to experience more in playing pleasure! Bainshi educational toys apply national toy standardization technology, comply with EN71 European Union standards, humanized functions, and rich learning content effectively improve children's hobbies and dreams. The environmentally friendly materials are 100% non-toxic, and are designed according to ergonomics, suitable for babies to grasp, press, and harmonious color matching, which exercises babies' recognition of various colors.
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