Baenshi children's kitchen toys fun simulation life scenes to exercise children's hands-on ability and open a new mode of children's childhood play

by:Ennas      2022-01-19
An epidemic has taught people many life skills, such as homemade cakes, cold skins, buns, and so on. At the same time, it also affects our children imperceptibly, and they are also very interested in kitchen supplies. Merchants have also seen the business opportunities of imitating small kitchen toys, and have produced and developed a series of imitated small kitchen toys, so that children can feel more fun in life while playing. Bainsch children's kitchen toy, fun simulation, is a baby kitchen toy specially designed for children aged 3-6, allowing babies to experience the fun of multi-scene role-playing. There are several simulation combinations in Bainsch Children's Kitchen waiting for you to unlock. 1. Highly simulated furnace light, red light will be emitted when the switch is turned on, which simulates fire light and has a smoke effect, giving the baby a real cooking experience. 2. Wash the vegetable sink plate, press the cycle to produce water, close to the realistic scene of mother washing the tableware, let the baby feel the fun of washing. 3. Rotate the light steamer, press the switch of the steamer, the steamer will rotate with the light and music, making a grunting sound, and let the baby experience more fun while doing it. Four, interesting stories Music, lighting, stories, common sense, simulated range hood and other sounds, the volume can be adjusted, so that the baby can feel happy while simulating cooking. Baenshi children's kitchen toys, fun and simulated life scenes, exercise children's hands-on ability, and open a new mode of children's childhood play.
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