Bacteria exceeds the standard, the EU has repeatedly notified China-made bubble blowing toys

by:Ennas      2022-01-08
Blowing bubbles, hide-and-seek, shoot a ball... The winter holidays come, and children's lives become more colorful. However, while the colorful bubbles bring joy to the children, they also carry a certain degree of danger. Moms and dads should pay attention to it.   It was learned from Jiangsu Kunshan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau that the European Commission’s non-food rapid warning system issued a consumer warning on Chinese-made soundsation brand bubble toys. The product comes in a 5-liter bottle, and the solution contains mesophilic aerobic bacteria and yeast. It does not meet the requirements of the EU Toy Safety Directive, and measures such as sales bans have been taken. Experts said that if children accidentally touch these dangerous bubbles while playing, they may cause bacterial infections, causing red eyes, conjunctivitis, red and swollen throat, gastroenteritis, and high fever. Children also suffer from bacterial sepsis. It is understood that this is not the first time this type of toy has caused trouble. In November 2017, the European Union detected two Chinese-made bubble blowing toys as unqualified. One is the Tema Promotional sbabam brand, the bubble liquid contains Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Stenotrophomonas maltophilia. The other is the GIAV TOYS brand, which contains mesophilic aerobic bacteria and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.   It is understood that there are many bubble blowing toys of various shapes in small shops around schools and communities, and the color of bubble liquid is also colorful, which particularly attracts the interest of children. There are two main types of bubble blowing toys. One is to use a tool with a few small circles dipped in the bubble blowing liquid. As long as you blow into the circle, you can blow bubbles; the other is a bubble gun. Just pull the trigger to automatically pop bubbles. However, most of the bubble liquid's outer packaging does not indicate the product's ingredients, production date, and shelf life and other related information.  Experts reminded that in addition to the hidden danger of excessive bacteria, some bubble liquids are high in alkaline substances, which can irritate the skin, oral mucosa, nasal mucosa, and cause chemical burns. If inhaled into the lungs, it can also cause aspiration pneumonia. When purchasing bubble blowing toys, parents should pay attention to the date of manufacture of the product and check whether the packaging is intact and whether it has been opened. Some of the bubble liquids on the market are brightly colored and even add fruit flavors. The color and smell are like beverages. When children play, parents should stay with them to avoid drinking by mistake. When children play with bubble guns, do not point them at others' faces, otherwise it will increase the chance of contact with eyes. The bubble liquid is best to be used up as soon as possible after opening, and children are reminded to wash their hands as soon as possible after playing. (Chen Jian) u200bu200b  Keywords: toys, bacteria, blowing bubbles
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