babygo XPE thickened crawling mat, high cushioning and high resilience, protects the baby’s small knees

by:Ennas      2022-02-06
Sitting and crawling seven times, under normal circumstances, the baby will start crawling after eight months of age, learning to walk upright at 1 year old, and learning to run at about one and a half years old, but parents should make full use of the sensitive period of baby crawling , Cultivate your baby's interest and habit of exercising. Baby crawling can break the muscles of the whole body, promote the growth and development of the brain, and at the same time promote the emotional communication between parents and children, and bring more fun to the baby's life. Babygo XPE thickened crawling mat 2cm thickened XPE overall crawling mat, safe to learn to pave the way for growth, safe and tasteless. Compared with the crawling mats on the market that need to be air-dried to dissipate the smell, BG's crawling mats have passed the safety inspection, and are safe and tasteless, and can be used out of the box. In addition, the thickness and density of the babygo babygo XPE thickened crawling mat has been double upgraded, with high cushioning and high resilience, and the hard floor can also protect the small knees, while isolating the moisture and cold, making crawling healthier. The babygo XPE thickened crawling mat preferably has the same waterproof membrane as the baby bottle. Milk stains, urine, and water stains can be wiped away, reducing the growth of bacteria and making daily cleaning more convenient. And the early education patterns printed on the crawling mat use safer plant inks, funny animal world, wonderful forest fairy tales, and preferred patterns that are more acceptable to babies during the crawling period, attracting babies to actively explore, promoting physical and mental development, and printing The inner layer of the PE matte film does not directly touch the baby's skin, which guarantees double safety. In addition, if you need detailed information or consultation, you can click on the investment promotion area below to enter the brand and product details page to learn more!
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