Babycare baby xpe environmental protection crawling mat, environmental protection Q bomb pave the way for growth_children's toy net

by:Ennas      2022-01-14
Crawling training can exercise the coordination of the baby's hands, eyes, feet and other parts, which has great benefits. Appropriate crawling training can promote the baby's brain development and develop the baby's intellectual potential. However, it is definitely not good for babies to crawl on the ground. Not only is it unhygienic, but it is also easy to bump. You might as well prepare a safe and comfortable crawling mat for your baby. The babycare xpe environmentally friendly crawling mat nano air max air cushion cluster, anti-cold and heat insulation, honeycomb arrangement of hundreds of millions of nano air cushions, can effectively block the cold and moisture on the ground, suitable for all seasons. After hundreds of tests, the Ru0026D staff carefully selected the herringbone webbing, and ingeniously controlled the number of stitches per inch that was more suitable to ensure that the XPE was thicker and more durable. With the physical foaming process, countless rich and dense air cushions are formed, and the impact force of the two adsorptions forms a buffer, so that the baby will not hurt when falling down. The double-sided internal printing technology of babycare's xpe environmental protection crawling mat prints the pattern on the inner layer of the cpp film, which does not directly touch the baby's skin, which is healthy and non-irritating, and will not fade. Numerous micro air cushions are arranged in a honeycomb shape to form a strong rebound force and will not dent or deform under heavy pressure. Moreover, the evenly arranged pyramid texture does not slip on the foot, and the soft touch feels closer to the skin.
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