Baby Kangaroo Bobu Baby Teether Teething Rod Rattle Toy Hand Rattle + Teeth Combine Two as One·A Good Companion for Baby Teething

by:Ennas      2022-01-25
Generally, when babies are 4-8 months old, a pair of deciduous incisors of the lower jaw will erupt quietly. At this time, the baby always drools and bites when he sees something, or refuses to eat or has poor appetite, and may even suffer Because of the swelling and painful gums, the baby's mood becomes irritable. Therefore, the teether must be prepared before the baby is about 4 months old. The baby kangaroo baby teether molar rod rattle toy is made of food contact safety silicone, BPA-free, no odor and high temperature resistance, the baby's exclusive soft silicone. With the softness of the baby's first baby teeth, it will not squeeze the gums or hurt the mouth, and the material of the teether is soft, which can be bitten from multiple angles, massage the baby's tender gums, reduce the discomfort of itching and pain during teething, and help the baby Through the teething period safely, take care of the baby's delicate oral health, is a good partner for the baby to teeth Baby Kangaroo Baby Teether Teething Rod Rattle Toy has a ring-shaped handle specially designed for babies, which is sleek and easy to hold. At the same time exercise the baby's finger flexibility and grasping ability. It can be used as teether to bite, or as a hand to catch a ball. The unique ring-shaped handle design allows the baby to grab a baby with insufficient quasi-grip strength, and it can also be easily picked up to increase the baby's self-confidence. In addition, the baby kangaroo baby teether molar rod rattle toy is also built with small colored beads, which can give the baby a clear and delicate sound when shaken, guide the baby's auditory development, and let the baby spend the teething period in happiness. In addition, if you need detailed information or consultation, you can click on the investment promotion area below to enter the brand and product details page to learn more!
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