Baby First 'Guardian Safety and Happy Growth' Christmas Children's Club

by:Ennas      2021-12-17

The festive atmosphere of Christmas is rising. In this cold winter day, spending a joyous holiday with the baby is the biggest wish of parents. On December 20th, Shandong Children’s Channel and Mombaby All Media joined hands with the car child safety seat brand-Baby First to hold the 2014 Baby First Christmas Kids Club with the theme of 'Guardian Safety and Happy Growth' at Jinan World Trade Center. On-site activities sometimes make everyone laugh, sometimes make everyone nervous and excited, and sometimes make everyone cry quietly, and they are infinitely moved. Christmas is naturally inseparable from Santa Claus who dresses up and gives gifts to children. Many children imagine that they can become Santa Claus. In the 'Little Santa Claus' transformation contest, dads compete for the baby through short-distance races. Come in Christmas clothes and dress your baby neatly. The fathers who don't take care of their children in the daytime are embarrassed on stage, and the conditions continue to cause the mothers to stare anxiously and the children to laugh. Just as the theme of the event is 'Guarding peace and growing up happilySafety is the eternal theme of the family! On August 1, 2014, the 'Shandong Highway Traffic Safety Regulations' were formally implemented. The regulations stipulate that minors under the age of four should be equipped with child safety seats and use child safety seats correctly when riding in family passenger cars! The issue of children’s travel safety has attracted much attention. At the scene, officers from the Traffic Police Brigade of Jinan Lixia District showed up at the event site to share the situation of children’s travel traffic accidents, teach children how to travel correctly and safely, and call on the public to pay attention to children’s travel safety. Use car child safety seats correctly! There was a loud shout out of the field-'Baby is safe, mother is at ease'! For a long time, like Police Officer Yu Qun, the traffic police have worked hard to actively carry out public welfare education on safe travel. Many festivals and weekends have not been able to accompany their children, and they have many regrets and debts to them. As a Christmas gift and at the event site, 'Baby First' specially invited the children of Police Officer Yu Qun to enjoy peace and happiness. The moment he saw the children, Police Officer Yu Qun shed tears of excitement. All the audience was moved and wept quietly. , The whole atmosphere is infinitely warm and warm! Through the preaching of the traffic police Yu Qun’s mother, the babies know the importance of safe travel, and fully understand the intentions of parents insisting on letting them sit in the safety seat. “My safety, I will fight for it!-Seat seizure In the 'competition' session, the babies participated more actively than usual! They also understand that only when the baby is safe can the mother be at ease! At the end of the event, 'Baby First' presented the lucky audience with a series of guardian safety gifts led by the 'Baby First Armored Fleet Car Child Safety Seat'. The grand prizes on the scene are endless, and the surprises are endless. The Christmas countdown cheered on the scene. In the sound, the Christmas tree filled with the wishes of parents and babies lit up brightly, praying together for 'protecting peace and growing up happily'!
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