Australia: Huge murder hidden by dangerous toys

by:Ennas      2021-11-23

[Global Network Comprehensive Report] How to protect the safety and health of children as much as possible is an issue that many countries attach great importance to. According to the Australian 'Gold Coast Bulletin' report on December 23, as Christmas is approaching, the 'Fair Trading Office' in Queensland, Australia confiscated a batch of toys with fatal danger. According to reports, the 'Operation Safe Christmas' (Operation Safe Christmas) inspected hundreds of locations in Queensland, Australia, and found that 42 types of objects pose major safety hazards to children. Certain toys have a 'hazard of causing a huge impact on children's eyesShooting game (Shoot Game) slingshot set may cause blindness or serious eye injuries to children, and SpongeBob Yo Yo Ball may cause children to be strangled by the yo-yo rope. Therefore, the office prohibits the sale of these types of products. In addition, according to Queensland’s Attorney General Jarrod Bleijie, there are a large number of toys that have detachable parts that may cause children to suffocate, so they are also prohibited from sale. He pointed out that although the authorities are happy to see that most toy suppliers are compliant with laws and regulations, there are still a few businesses that do not follow the rules. Berger also pointed out that among the dangerous toys seized this year, the largest number of toys targeted at children under 3 years old. He warned that it only takes a very short time for children to swallow toy parts by mistake or be strangled by ropes. Therefore, children's toys must meet strict product quality standards. According to reports, parents who bought dangerous toys can return to the store where they bought the products and get a full refund.
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