Attention, parents and friends! Hainan randomly inspected 26 batches of unqualified toys, including net celebrity toys 'luminous screaming chicken'

by:Ennas      2022-01-25
Recently, the Hainan Provincial Market Supervision Administration conducted random inspections on children's toy products in circulation in the province. 48 batches of products were spot-checked this time, 26 batches were unqualified after inspection, and the unqualified rate was 54.2%. Among them, 26 batches of products including Rubik's Cube, inertial car, sound and light gun are involved. One of the Internet celebrity toys, Luminous Screaming Chicken, is also on the list of unqualified sampling inspections. According to reports, many of the toys approved this time have problems that endanger human health and many hidden dangers. Most of the applicable groups of toys are children, and the children's body is relatively soft and fragile. If the production of toys does not meet the relevant national standards, it may cause great damage to the children's body. Some damages are irreparable once they happen. According to the national standards such as GB6675.1-2014 and GB6675.2-2014, the supervision and spot check will conduct identification and description, physical and mechanical properties, flammability, soluble heavy metals, phthalates, electrical toy safety, etc. The inspection. This spot check found that 5 batches of items related to safety indicators were unqualified, and the specific unqualified items involved were: phthalate, electrical properties (heating and abnormal work); 22 batches of items that did not meet the performance Requirements, the specific unqualified items involved are: toy warning signs, physical and mechanical properties. Unqualified phthalates may affect the liver and kidneys, impair male fertility, and promote precocious puberty in women. Long-term accumulation of high doses in the body may cause children's gender disorder, including short genitals, unobvious sexual characteristics, and other hazards, or even Causes carcinogenesis; electrical performance (heating and abnormal work) is unqualified, battery toys are in use, and the battery temperature rise exceeds the limit requirements of the toy structure should try to avoid fire caused by misoperation or component failure, and machinery that affects safety Danger of damage or other dangers. If the temperature is too high, there is a risk of scalding children; the unqualified toy warning label, incorrect or incomplete information will affect the normal purchase and correct use of consumers, as well as the risks and risks that should be avoided when using it. Hazardous items; unqualified physical and mechanical properties will affect the normal use of the product. After careful understanding, you can discover some of the ingredients in this unqualified toy, such as phthalate. Once this chemical ingredient is accidentally eaten by a child or touched for a long time, it will cause gender disorder and short reproductive organs. Such difficult-to-treat problems can also cause certain harm to children's kidneys and liver, and even have certain carcinogenic effects. And some electrical toys have unqualified electrical performance, including the overheating of the motor. According to the structure is too simple and the material is too fragile, it is easy for the motor to start spontaneous ignition after heating to a certain degree, which may not only burn children, but also cause fire. There are even some toy products that are not marked as safety-qualified, and there is no clear information and production location. The toys should be paid attention to when they are used, and the risks of operation and avoidance are not shown. When parents buy toys, if they accidentally buy With this kind of toy, it is possible to cause great damage to the child. And let’s not talk about whether the toy can work normally, the mechanical properties are unqualified, and the information and quality are not clear, and they may cause harm to children. The unqualified products found in this random inspection will be handed over to the market supervision department where the inspected entity and the product's nominal production enterprise are located for processing in accordance with the law. Source: third-party testing agency
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