At the end of the year-end gift-giving season, how to choose gifts more satisfying?

by:Ennas      2022-02-14

According to the US 'Huffington Post' report, giving gifts to relatives and friends at the end of the year is an essential part of human relations. If you are under heavy pressure due to excessive consumption, it is not a good start for the new year. There are many considerations for buying gifts, but the most important thing is to exchange your sincerity for the happiness of others. The following suggestions will make you happier spending holidays and giving gifts during the holidays.  Don’t buy gifts blindly, make a list first  In the holiday, it is very easy to produce impulsive shopping behavior under the stimulation of product catalogs, advertisements, store layouts and special products. This is a very difficult temptation to resist. Therefore, in this case, first ask yourself: What do I want to give to others? What price am I willing to bear? In this way, if you list everyone one by one and add them up, the number may be huge, and yours Preliminary estimates may also be conservative figures. However, only by knowing how much leeway you have can you not be stretched in the coming January. Find out what your purpose is for buying a gift. Think about what your purpose for buying a gift is. Maybe you want to buy a gift. Thank someone for helping you this year. Maybe it’s because you are in a difficult situation and want to give a gift. Overcome the difficulties by yourself. There may be other factors below the surface relationship between you and your friends. Maybe you hope your gift will make up for something you are missing, or maybe you want to prove something. If there is a certain action, there must be a certain motivation. To truly understand your expenses, you must work hard to find the reason for this expense.   Choose slowly, choose slowly, what's the rush?    If you are thinking about making a bigger purchase, then continue to think about it, don’t get into emotional impulse, and don’t be fooled by the salesperson. Before you buy, think about it more, think about the bad things you bought, and absorb the lessons of the past. Create a delay between the impulse to shop and the actual buying behavior, and you will eventually find that this approach is absolutely necessary. Quality is better than quantity, and mind is better than quality. People are easy to fall into this trap-when buying gifts, more is always better.' I am afraid of not enough. In fact, whether the gifts are well prepared is not the point. Rather than putting together a bunch of things, it is not true It is true to give the gifts that people really want, quality is better than weight, and heart is better than quality.    Pay attention to emotional communication, and the exchange of courtesy is less than affection and emotion is not only at the moment when the other party unwraps the wrapping paper, if you want to do your best to go Satisfy the person you want to give, so get together and talk more. The real gift is the emotion you give to each other, not a simple material exchange. Why not go for a cup of hot chocolate or have lunch together, or spend the weekend together Good times. When you devote yourself to each emotional exchange, you will reap more than a gift.
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