Astronomy uses Lego to build a mini observatory: 'Looking up at the stars' at home

by:Ennas      2022-01-01
Original title: Astronomers use Lego to build a mini observatory: looking up at the starry sky at home, a model of the Lego version of the observatory, standing in front of a picture of the Milky Way. (Photo source: Y.Beletsky/ESO/F. Snik/M. Zamani)    Chinanews, March 16 According to foreign media reports, a few days ago, the Dutch astronomer Frans Snik used the European Southern Observatory (ESO) As a sample of the astronomical telescope, a mini version of the observatory was designed and assembled with Lego toys to look up at the starry sky at home.   Snick used 3104 Lego components to build his own Very Large Telescope (VLT). The scale of the model is about 1:150, and the total cost of manufacturing this model is about 500 to 550 euros.     Picture source: ESO/F. Snik/M. Zamani   The model includes the telescope and the entire dome structure. All parts of the VLT in reality can be assembled with Lego. This model can be rotated, and all the domes and vents can be opened and closed.  Snick has published his construction plans on the Internet, but even professional architects need some time to make this mini observatory. Because it takes at least several days to order all the parts and put together this model.     Image source: ESO/F. Snik/M. Zamani   The first model built by Snik has been donated to Tim Dezeu, Director General of ESO, and this mini-observatory is now in his office.
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