Article 4 & have spent   Bronze ornamentation ( 6) _ figurine skills

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Core tip: chapter 6 phoenix phoenix bird lines including grain pattern and various birds of the genus, bird patterns with image features. The earliest bird patterns found in the neolithic age, such as Shanghai qingpu fuquan mountain liangzhu culture heritage chapter 6 phoenix phoenix bird lines including grain pattern and various birds of the genus, bird patterns with image features. The earliest bird patterns found in the neolithic age, such as Shanghai qingpu fuquan mountain on the liangzhu cultural relics unearthed jade cong has clear bird patterns. Washington Foley's art museum collection of Chinese neolithic may belong to liangzhu culture jade, also engraved with very image of bird patterns. But shang dynasty in the early and mid - ancient bronze ornamentation, little bird as adornment theme, because think bronze ornamentation directly related to the so-called totem worship, the suspect had been suggested, because is recognized as fenice shang clan totem, but in the shang dynasty in early and mid - ancient bronze main grain, rarely has the theme, and 'mandate of heaven fenice, born down' what doesn't seem to get. Chicken feathers and crest ideal birds, chicken words in oracle configuration also has the characteristics of other various length of the tail, crown, horns, or just eagles and other birds. In bronze, although the existing deformation in the middle of the shang dynasty and the early bird patterns, but often decorate secondary backing status in grain, four sheep side statue of the prince of grain and grain is rather rare late delivering grain digging. Yinxu late he wen jia double column is valuable. such handiwork crown back image of phoenix. Arrived at when mid western zhou zhao, jose, bronze ornamentation in phoenix bird patterns have emerged, the early to the western zhou dynasty drive, listen to the king, someone called phoenix design era. Phoenix design besides luxuriant crown, its hindquarters and tail also has a lot of change, phoenix crown is roughly how long crown, crown and corolla three forms. Crown grain more, make more tooth crown, wide tail drooping, adornment is gorgeous, more crown in grain is relatively rare, prevails in at. Long grain, the chicken's head is a rugged long hanging in the neck, long can reach back, cutting-edge curled up or down. This kind of chicken striatum body many is curly, and a long tail or drooping tail, prevalent in the middle of the Yin ruins to the late western zhou dynasty. Corolla grain, corolla decorated is crested minister crown, said rockhopper ribbons. Corolla with a long feather floated to take shape, also hanging in the chest, sometimes corolla can hang down to the feet, and then roll up, try to play its adornment effect. Corolla phoenix design prevailing in the western zhou dynasty. Lines in the vast majority of bird beak curved hook is closed, and carrion birds beaks similar, individual beak have opened, in the style of the early western zhou dynasty. Bird patterns have a horn or without MAO, roughly corners, in the form of the giraffe Angle and Angle. Corner bird patterns, there is a corner on the bird's head, wide Angle root, bending down, pointing upward. Corner lines prevails in at the bird. A giraffe giraffe Angle lines, bird head Angle, this is the same as those lines can see giraffes Angle, but for lateral resettlement, prevails in at. The Angle of the Angle, bird root bulky, the top like a sharp, pointed ears, prevails in at. Bird patterns of trunk, mostly just the shape of a bird body, no YuChi, sometimes because of the need of patterning, has a long prehensile tail shape, similar to bird first suggested. Changes in the bird's tail is more, have a long tail, vertical tail and tail several forms. Long-tail bird bird, the bird's tail is three times that of the individual body, is extremely exaggerated, the end of the long tail has a coil and different volume. Vertical tail, due to the wide tail down, this is more in the grain. Tail, because the composition change, make the tail and trunk, points the end of the tail had roll-up and different volume. Long beak bird patterns. Trunk is bird, head has a long beak, mostly in the middle of the western zhou dynasty. Phoenix bird patterns. Image a phoenix was singing beautiful birds, such as chicken, lift head, decorated blow right at the musical instrument clock drum. Luan birdsong, such as music, this is the purpose and decorative design of the corresponding instance. Prevailing in the western zhou dynasty, the late. Owl and the like. More positive graphics for the owl and the like, with particular emphasis on the owl and the like great circle eye, head has a pair of hair Angle, two wings, some only the head and wings of owl and the like. Henan county peony zhang unearthed migration jia, abdomen is the owl and the like tattoos. Popular in shang dynasty, the late. Wild goose is bird lines in realistic image, the grain restricted to muddy source in Shanxi Province county lee valley village unearthed dragon pot on the birds and beasts, neck standing group of geese, composing with the style of the northern region, belong to the spring and autumn period and the late. Bring those grain square You bring those lines ancient bring dragons playing good bring gold painting of flowers and anise) bring about accepting his presence lines Bu bring beast grain food
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