Article 4 & have spent   Bronze ornamentation ( 3) _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-11
Core tip: in the third chapter geometric geometry lines is made up of geometric patterns regular grain, the beauty of the change of pure form and structure. The grain in the primitive society already out of the third chapter on the painted pottery of geometric geometry lines is made up of geometric patterns regular grain, the change of pure form and structure of aesthetic feeling. The grain in the primitive painted pottery, already appeared. Bronze wares belong to the geometry lines in the form of more, but as the main grain in the early stages of a chance to very little. In those lines, the reign of the dragon age, it can only be used as the main grain of foil or grain, only in the era of recession, the decorative design to a large number of use geometric lines, all kinds of geometric lines appear constantly. The spring and autumn period and the warring states period as geometric lines as the main grain has become common. Geometric lines roughly renju, string lines, straight stripe, horizontal stripes, inclined stripe, YunLei grain, milk thunder thunder, twists and turns, hooked thunder thunder, triangle, net, etc. Alignment lines. Is a small circle of horizontal type. This is in one of the earliest decorative bronze. The abdomen, in the late dynasty jue has entity alignment lines, for single or double line layout, with bowstring grain boundary around the bar. Alignment of the early shang dynasty grain, is a hollow small circle, it has been as the main lines. But most of the grain in the beast, dragon grain, thunder columns as a minor grain, in grain alignment lines as the world bar sex generally in the shang dynasty early, middle, rarely occur in the future. Some alignment lines in hollow small circles there is one point, is in the middle of shang dynasty. Alignment lines is to use a tube on the pottery mould for print, as a result, ring and ring spacing density, then arrange neat, is not very strict, but it is very natural. String lines. Is the simplest on bronze ware decoration, as a bulge of straight or horizontal line. Some bronze wares only string lines, and there is no other grain, concise and simple, but in most cases, is the as the side bar. Straight stripe. Is a continuous straight line of grain, in addition to the stripe size, there is not much change. Also some broad-brush convex or concave, old said grooves. Late shang dynasty to the western zhou dynasty era GUI jie You, vessels, abdomen with straight stripes, the bridge of GUI jie party in the middle is often decorated with straight stripe, in the spring and autumn period has been rare. Horizontal stripes. Used to be called parallel lines, grooving, tile lines. Is broad stripes for bumps or concave groove, the first in the middle of the western zhou dynasty, connect body to act the role of horizontal stripes, such as master hu GUI jie; Also some in other lines between the upper abdomen. Prevailed in the late western zhou dynasty and spring and autumn period still continue to use, to the warring states period, connect body to act the role of horizontal stripes are still on,. Diagonal stripes. Is for string lines ^ glyph, mostly in points fork tripod and by lower abdomen, first in the middle of the shang dynasty, western zhou dynasty era and use. YunLei lines. Maneuver a softer line is composed of moire, well Angle of swing line is thunder. Also some people thought YunLei design originated from the thread fingers, is actually a single or double line reciprocating outward from the center around the composition of a picture. The form has a single in the same direction of rotation and two B and sigmoidal rotation, etc. Early shang dynasty has useful continuous strip YunLei lines as the main lines of bronze ware. Those lines in the middle of the shang dynasty, a large number of useful YunLei lines. Late shang dynasty and early western zhou dynasty the beast, dragon, bird lines of space, often filled with YunLei lines, and YunLei lines below the main lines, played the role of foil. The spring and autumn period and the warring states period of rough beast grain, dragon pattern on the trunk, there are also various YunLei grain deformation pattern. The warring states period, become lively flow line moire YunLei grain development. Henan luoyang golden village unearthed from the warring states period moire pot with silver and with gold inlaid, very elegant. The thunder. Milk, also known as rhombic grey lines, tripod, GUI jie in the stomach as the main decorative design in a utensil used to. Design is inclined eggcrate, each edge is YunLei lines, there is a mastoid. The milk thunder prevailing in the early in the shang dynasty, the late western zhou dynasty. Shang dynasty mastoid relatively smooth, the western zhou dynasty era is long and sharp. Twists and turns of thunder. Old said waveform thunder. The main body of thunder make fluctuation twists and turns. The thick line of fine lines and thunder thunder and one by one. On the bronze ware, tortuous thunder is relatively rare, for grain early western zhou dynasty. Hook the thunder. Oblique mountain glyph lines, hooked with diagonal lines, general mountain glyph to make thick line, the fill thunder for fine lines, there are mountain glyph works dotted, thunder Yin wen. As early as in shang dynasty, in the middle of the prevailing in at. The spring and autumn period and the warring states period popular very richly hooked thunder, thick line is useful inlaid gold, silver and turquoise. Triangle thunder. Within the peripheral is a triangle, with thunder, a corner of the triangle to make up or down together as row, form large toothed belt, Angle upward ACTS the role of the GUI jie epigastrium, Angle downwards on the lower end of the abdomen. This kind of decorative prevails in at. The late staggered reversing triangle, triangle thunder of gold and silver or gold and silver silk and white Mosaic. Diamond is thunder thunder thunder, square, rectangle within the diamond, square, rectangle fill with thunder, as a continuous arrangement, and gold and silver inlaid with gold and silver silk, prevails in the warring states period. Checker. Is slash staggered as nets, there was on the early shang dynasty bronze jue, rarely found in the future. Bring about dragon lantern bring GUI jie lights bring ssangyong ssangyong's ear ear dish pot bring about the four dragons seawater bring about three feet furnace Mosaic geometric lines bird pot bring seals cartridges
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