Article 4 & have spent   Bronze ornamentation ( 2) _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-11
Core tip: chapter 2 dragon dragon including kui and dragon grain. Description, since song dynasty on the bronze ware all show a foot, a crawler object is called a real talent, this is the second chapter refers to the ancient dragon dragon including kui and dragon grain. Since the song dynasty's description, on the bronze ware all show a foot, a crawler object is called a real talent, this is the reference 'real talent, a foot' recorded in ancient books. In fact, according to the explanation of Confucius is a real talent is enough, rather than a real talent for animals, is actually a foot animal pictographic bipedal animal's profile. Bronze He smoked on the stereo image of the dragon, has two feet, some in honour or GUI jie ear the dragon as a decoration as a whole, the two or four legs, from the three-dimensional a dragon, so not the kui the traditional term here. Abstract the early shang dynasty grain, the image of dragon pattern is not specific, but dragon statue in middle period of shang dynasty, shoulders is dragon, have real kiss and giraffe Angle, trunk wan qu as snake tail. Four and a half the dragon kiss for the tip of the shoulder, a giraffe Angle, more image scale disc, and there are beasts. Bronze ornamentation, every body winding form of animals, can return to the class. Dragon in the shang dynasty people's mind, perhaps a variety of. In the ancient books to record and image of the dragon is quite different. Hou Jiazhuang northwest gang YanLing unearthed stele meng, can turn the four dragons on the column, is divided into two kinds of Angle: one is the giraffe Angle of the dragon, is a sharp turn a spiral grain dragon, the dragon horn of Jane can O shape, so have this kind of Angle and long body of animals is also a kind of dragon. Today Fang Yiqi neck section have scales, very lively, but there is a tiger, the dragon is a flat shape of a dragon. In addition, there are twists and turns of a dragon. These are the early shang and western zhou dynasties bronze on the types of the dragon. According to the design of the structure, the dragon grain can be divided into the crawling dragon grain, volume, dragon, dragon, catamaran dragon, dragon, etc. , both ends is briefly as follows. Crawling dragon is the dragon on the side of the image, crawling, often bibcock mouth downward, upper lip roll up, lower lip to the volume or the volume to the mouth, the forehead top have a variety of different Angle, in the middle of the trunk, under one foot or claw, also have feet, often curved tail coil. Crawling dragon symmetric arrangement, mostly on the bronze ware it is by the different Angle of animal head and trunk of snakes. Crawling dragon in most Angle are the same as the beast grain, such as the roll Angle of the dragon grain, revolute Angle dragon, dragon winding Angle, the giraffe Angle dragon, spiral Angle between the dragon and dragon head, etc. , in the early ahead of the shang dynasty, the late western zhou dynasty. Crawling in the dragon also appeared a new form, is the long dragon, this is canceled dragon head Angle and long instead of chicken, but it's head or animal head, not the head of the birds, the dragon body body is longer, there is a foot or a fin, separate the tail to curl up and down. Long dragon grain produced in the early western zhou dynasty, popular in the middle of the western zhou dynasty. This beast trunk has a similar bird-like, deformation is about design. The roll body curled up the image of the dragon is suggested. Volume in the early stage of the two forms. , is a kind of dragons playing in the middle and trunk for a circular plate, the dragon is mostly applied in the centre of the disc, this is a single coil dragon, also known as the coil dragon grain, prevails in at; Another dragon vertical shape the image of the upper, lower crimp PAM take shape, for example, more than the same dragon grain is such a shape, prevalent in the middle of the late shang dynasty to the western zhou dynasty. After the bell drum department, also have similar to the shape of a dragon. Make body dragon is suggested her image, this noun in the rites. In the spring of officer. Often ', 'wang often, governors. Zheng xuan ', 'governors to draw a dragon, like it towards the, a like them also. 'On this basis, make the image of dragon is on, nobody, most high spin, two twisted body, known as the dragon. There are two dragons intersect and pawns, twisted, become extremely complicated forms. On the bronze ware, make body dragon trunk is thick, old say PanChi lines; After deformation of narrow body dragon, old name PAM serpentine. In the spring and autumn period and the warring states period. Twin dragon pattern. On dragon head, trunk, on both sides to old name double dragon. Actually its basic mode and the beast grain on both sides of the trunk to the law of the same, because often act the role of this design in the neck is long and narrow range and strip, make room for the trunk of the dragon has a fully developed, the so-called twin dragon grain, is actually the exhibition charts in the face of the dragon. The prevalence of grain in the middle of the late shang dynasty to the western zhou dynasty. Both ends of the dragon is an animal body side each have a tap, old say two animal print head. On the bronze ware, this grain of trunk is mostly become a slash or zigzag shape line. Remaining in the body of the actual object, never had one before and after the two dragon head, may be two bevel dragon became two dragons is an organic whole repeatedly, the mainly design of deformation phenomenon. Two dragon head of two head is not the same, or is a positive one side. Simple dependences of two dragon head, mostly in the western zhou dynasty, the late. The two ends of the spiral wound dragon is prevailing in the spring and autumn, late. Bring about X pot bring love ding bring panlong penghu-glance bring fish lay jue bring double sheep bring found Armenia
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