Art studio - — Israeli artist Mr. & # 8226; Le rocks for solo

by:Ennas      2021-08-01
Core tip: artist: Mr. & # 8226; Le rocks show host: ▕ Israel Himalayan art gallery in Shanghai consulate general in Shanghai, cooperated with exhibition, Israel, gallery ▕ Israel's artist: Mr. & # 8226; Le rocks show host: ▕ Israel Himalayan art gallery in Shanghai consulate general in Shanghai exhibition co-host: Israel, wacker ▕ Israel's fine art gallery exhibition date: on March 30, 2014 On May 11, 2014, the opening ceremony: on March 30, 2014, On Sunday) Himalayan 17:00 exhibition location: Shanghai art gallery 3 f ( Cherry blossom road 869, Shanghai's new pudong district area A third floor) 'More and more, I hope to put together some of my works, rather, is to make them as close as possible to a next to a. What is not to review this in the past, but in order to explore something hidden in this group at random, is to experience a conflict between their individual existence. ”— — Mr. & # 8226; Le standing on March 30, 2014, Israel national artist the & # 8226; Le rocks for solo exhibition 'art studio' will be in Shanghai Himalayan gallery opening. Exhibition YouXiMa kelita) jointly organized by consulate general in Shanghai art gallery, and Israel, artists exhibition 92 components, including small sculpture six components, 50 paintings 34 pieces, photography, video works 2 groups. Mr. & # 8226; Standing in the way, the contemporary outstanding painter, figurines, print, art educator; Born in 1947 in Tunisia, settled in Israel in 1966, taught at Israel's supreme art institution BeiZe el school of the arts, and published a large number of books, has an important role in both Israel and the European and American art world. Le standing in the way of writing career from the initial behavior art, to the later paintings, prints, and then to figurines and large prints in recent years, the art will pick the same object, the object, architectural dialogue between artist itself, the work relations. The work of his personality is distinct, the figurines are mainly composed of a portrait, modelling take its spirit likeness, outstanding character spirit state of moments. The concept of 'art studio' from the pop up from standing in the way a desire of mind 'to create a set of all the works of the dacheng', and he has realized that the work is not can be a specific works, the concept of 'art studio' and then - — 'Some of my works together', 'explore something hidden in this group at random', 'experience they conflict between individual existence'. The 'art studio' exhibition of works by artists in printmaking and statuettes: of the 1970 s 'self-portrait' in the mirror, 'black scenery' in the 1980 s, 1990 s 'mental image' of the 'black scenery', 'symbolism' small statue of new century; Himalayan gallery space characteristics but also for its large figurines and engravings provides excellent presentation. Object media and exhibition Spaces are not a pile of dead already, but it contains the life value of fetal and maternal, them as the artist's telepathy, curator in the transfer of ideas and life into a new soul. Mr Le Buddha Himalayan rocks for Shanghai art gallery solo exhibition 'art studio' ends on May 11, 2014. Mr. & # 8226; Le standing in the way Ofer Lellouche painter, print and figurines. In tel aviv and Paris for the creative base. Is a occupies an important position in Israel and the European and American art of contemporary artists. He is known as Picasso, Matisse and Gu Ke Yosemite modernism masters such as outstanding successor. Many world famous Museum exhibitions and the collection of his work, including Albert with that Vienna art gallery Albertina Museum, Museum of Lisbon, Portugal, the ancient book of Ann Gulbenkian Museum. Museums and art galleries are regularly tel aviv Israel figurines park to show his work. Swiss international top gallery g (ruggie Krugier) In Europe the only art agent for him. 1970 method o Israel, the art institute of undergraduate course; University master, 1975 Paris, France and studied under the French famous statuette cesar ( Cesar) 。 Le standing in the way, though began his career with behavior art, but soon felt painting and engraving is his pursuit of the real creation. He created a large number of self-portraits, scenery, scenery and human masterpiece painting and printmaking. In recent years, le standing in the way to focus on small statues and large prints. Le standing in the way is also an art educator. He taught at Israel's supreme art institution 'BeiZe el' college of art. Monographs and published a large number of art. 70 s video and performance art works; Later, back to the drawing and engraving, theme focused on 'self-portrait'. In the early 80 s, along with his self-portrait creation of abstraction, turning to landscape creation. By the oil painting and watercolor gradually into the prints. In the late 80 s, the characters in the landscape. Created a series of huge work. In the 90 s, the focus on 'artist studio' theme, printmaking created nearly 600 characters. 2000 years later, with his paintings and prints the characters in the image is more and more small statue, artists decided to return to the small sculpture creation.
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