Are educational toys worthy of their name, or are they just a mere name?

by:Ennas      2021-11-26

Toys play a subtle role in enlightenment and education in children's growth, and they are children's favorites. In recent years, there have been more and more educational toys under the banner of 'inspiring and creating free imagination space, nurturing and stimulating children's imaginationHowever, the reporter's investigation found that educational toys currently lack national standards. It is impossible for ordinary consumers to distinguish whether it is 'puzzle' or not. Although educational toys are expensive but very popular the day before yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to the toy sales area of u200bu200ba commercial building near Xi’an Road and saw that many toy counters were selling useful intellectual toys, such as intellectual assembling toys and three-dimensional assembling toys. Placed in a conspicuous place on the counter, it seems to be the treatment of a 'star product'. Some toy stores even have special areas for educational toys. In a toy store, the owner introduced to reporters: 'Several educational toys such as the painted series and nature exploration series are the best sellers. Some are suitable for boys, some are suitable for girls, and there are different educational toys for different age groups. Toys...' She told reporters that in recent years the sales of educational toys have been good and they are very popular with parents, especially parents of young children. I play and grow up with puzzles, so I like to buy educational toys.'  'Children used to be noisy whenever they have time and never stop for a minute. Now they play silently for two hours and still don’t move, whether it’s a puzzle. It's still assembly games. The children have fun. Sometimes I play with the children.' Mr. Zhang, a citizen who is choosing toys for his son, told reporters. The reporters during the interview also found that most of the educational toys are expensive. Except for a few simple educational toys such as Jiulianhuan and Kong Mingsuo, which are not expensive, the price of toys for assembling buildings, helicopters, and armored vehicles ranges from 60 yuan to hundreds of yuan. Between yuan; a set of electronic building blocks and magnetic stick assembly toys, the price reaches more than 300 yuan; the price of a certain brand of zoo series educational toys is as high as 1,000 yuan. There is no national standard for educational toys. In a toy store near Shuangxing Street, Mr. Zhao, a citizen who is buying educational toys for his daughter, is full of confusion: “It’s all up to the sales staff to say that it’s not educational, I I can’t see it at all. And many toys don’t even have an “age-appropriate” sign. Parents just buy it in a foolish manner, and children just play it in a foolish manner.” Ms. Tang, a citizen interviewed, said that she had been introduced by friends to buy puzzles. Toys, 'I won't pick them either. They said yes, I will buy them for my daughter.' And the parent, Ms. Zhao, also had the experience of 'losingIt’s an intellectual toy that can quickly improve children’s intelligence and behavior. The outer packaging is exquisite. I didn’t expect to go back and open it and found that it was a traditional building block, but there were a few more colors, and the instruction manual had 'give full play to self-innovation consciousness'. , To cultivate and stimulate children’s imagination,' and other words of puzzle, just for this, it cost tens of yuan more.' She said.   In the interview, there are many consumers who have the same confusion as the parents mentioned above. Most of the interviewees said that although they want to buy educational toys for their children, they feel that they are unable to start the selection. The reporter found out that the mandatory national standards currently implemented by my country’s toy industry mainly include 'National Toy Safety Technical Specifications'Highlighting the function of promoting the intelligence of toys is to cater to the psychology of parents, because once linked to improving intelligence, they will be very easy to sell. Before there are specific standards,'puzzle' is completely wishful thinking of manufacturers and businesses. Statement.' A toy seller in our city called for the introduction of relevant standards as soon as possible to regulate educational toys. Tips: Parents can buy toys according to the age of their children. 'Some children's educational toys do have a certain effect on improving children's hands-on and brain skills. At present, when parents buy educational toys for their children, they must purchase them through formal channels. In addition to products, you can consider buying according to your child's age in order to achieve the best educational effect.' Li Wei, the person in charge of an early education institution in our city, suggested that, for example, children under 1 year old, they like to watch brightly colored things; Children from 2 to 3 years old are suitable for playing with building blocks, puzzle toys and animal model toys. These toys can help them enhance the flexibility of hands and feet and the logical thinking and judgment of the brain; children from 4 to 6 years old can play some more complicated Jigsaw puzzles, combination toys and family life scene simulation toys, etc., to enhance creativity and hand-eye coordination.   Li Wei suggested that it is best for parents to accompany their children to play with educational toys. On the one hand, they can guide the children to master the correct way of playing, and at the same time, they can cultivate children's interest and enhance the relationship between parents and children. In addition, it is best for parents to adopt diversified methods in the education of preschool children, not relying solely on educational toys, and not singular.
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