April Fools’ Day Tricky Toys are hot online, but it’s hard to find a trace offline

by:Ennas      2021-11-03

Today is the annual April Fool's Day, and it's the fair and honest season again, and the sales of tricky toys are also the peak season each year. Yesterday, a reporter from the Herald found that in order to snatch the 'tricky economySales are in full swing. In contrast, offline brick-and-mortar businesses in Xiamen are quite calm about this year's April Fools' Day. Not only are there no shopping malls to launch promotional activities, but also tricky toys are hard to find in Xiamen.  Online hot sale  Vent toys are especially popular  On April Fool's Day, anything that a friend passes over must be mindful! Because a pack of chewing gum, a pack of cigarettes, and a lighter, opening it may release electric current to numb your hands! Yesterday morning, Xiaolin, who worked in a foreign trade company in Xiamen, received the whole person piercing nails she bought from the Internet. She put the ring-like piercing nails on her hands. Several colleagues thought her fingers were nailed. Penetration, after a long period of concern, I found out that I was fooled.   Like Xiaolin, there are not a few people who want to have some excitement on April Fool's Day.   Yesterday, the Herald reporter logged on to Taobao and found that there were 13,400 pieces of relevant baby information when searching for 'tricky toysSuch as the whole person's oil barrels, inextinguishable candles, poop chocolate, mustard sandwich biscuits and other small snacks, as well as lighters that look like cards, and toilet family dolls with cute expressions. Prices range from a few dimes to 1,599 yuan.  As April Fool's Day approaches, the business of related online stores has also begun to heat up. The Herald reporter saw on Taobao yesterday that 6,294 pieces of electronic gum gums priced at 3.5 yuan have been sold within 30 days, a vent water polo attracted 358 people, and a horror wooden box priced at 19 yuan was sold in 30 days. 597 pieces.   Different from previous years, among the tricky toys this year, vent toys are especially popular. For example, a plastic sound-producing toy called 'Screaming Chicken' will make a stern and long cry when pinched. A store sold 1,832 in one month. The vented egg water polo, blasted eye doll, blasted eye panda, and vented white tofu are all hot-selling products. Offline calming tricky toys are hard to find in Xiamen. Online e-commerce yells. Offline brick-and-mortar businesses in Xiamen are quite calm about April Fool's Day this year. Not only are there no shopping malls to launch promotional activities, but tricky toys are also hard to find in Xiamen. trace. Yesterday, the Herald reporter visited Jiangtou Wholesale Market, SM City Plaza, and Zhongshan Road, and found that the toy wholesale and retail stores had almost no April Fool’s atmosphere. After going around several stores, they found a 'haunted house' toy. The store said it could be used for April Fools’ Day. Whole person. 'Most of the toys we sell are educational adult toys. There are also some April Fools' toys, but few people buy April Fools' toys, and they are not our sales focus.' The owner of a toy store on Zhenhai Road said bluntly, they and the online shop The difference is that they are all repeat customers. The sales cycle of April Fool's Day toys is too short, only the few days of April Fool's Day each year. After this festival, they can't be sold, so they rarely buy in large quantities. Not only toy stores are down on April Fool's Day business opportunities, but even department stores that are 'promoting every season' have collectively lost their voices on April Fool's Day this year. Yesterday, the Herald reporter called Paris Spring, Rainbow, Laiya and many other department stores, and they were all informed that there would be no April Fool's Day promotion arrangements.   The manager of a department store on Zhongshan Road said that for department stores, April Fools' Day is mostly themed activities, and April Fools' Day is rarely used as a gimmick promotion. Instead, it is aimed at Spring Promotions such as outings, spring outings, and spring clothes for Qingming.   On the contrary, the sales of automobiles such as Volkswagen and Hyundai, as well as major cosmetic and plastic organizations, have begun to advertise promotional activities. 'The Ching Ming Festival has three days of holidays, which is also the peak period for plastic surgery, but the promotion is not good to catch on Ching Ming Festival, so it started on April Fool's Day.' A staff member of a beauty agency in Xiamen revealed.
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