Approached surrealist Dali master works to display (in hangzhou Figure)

by:Ennas      2020-06-15
Core tip: the graph is Dali copper plastic zhejiang daily times the outline of hangzhou on November 17, the outline of dispatch time? Spanish surrealist late master of el Salvador Dali, a softening deformation at Dali copper plastic zhejiang daily times the outline of the outline of hangzhou November 17 - time? Spanish surrealist late master of el Salvador Dali, softened with a deformation of the clocks to melt in the branches, copper plastic into a person's side face, creates the psychological state of time, at the same time also shows that the passage of time can be understand by people. 19th of this month, a group that includes the outline of 'time' Dali representative works such as 'master approached, experience imagination - Dali art exhibition', will be in the peace conference and exhibition center, 2009 west lake in hangzhou art exhibition on display. This year it was 20 years after the death of Dali, in memory of the great modern artists, art of the west lake exposition invited Mr Stratton foundation and Dali museum to display Dali 171 works of art in hangzhou. To the exhibition organizers specially from private collections and all over the world in the foundation of selecting a Dali about 'dreams and fantasy' lust 'and women' and 'religion and myth' last of the three themes. This batch of basic work is given priority to with bronze statue of a small works, including Dali figurine works, the most important work. Dali is the participants and drivers of surrealist movement. He works in a strange and unreasonable way of dreams, the daily average object not logically collocation, distorted or deformation, with the subconscious images into the illusion of state, the audience into the riddle general image, the audience see the unreasonable strange and interesting image, have to marvel at his fantastical imagination and creative genius. Interested viewers can in November 2009, 19 solstice 23 to hangzhou peace international conference and exhibition center west lake art expo visit Dali art exhibition. At the same time, displayed on the fair and Japanese modern art exhibition, art works by the Italian contemporary artists, Russia rapin art college youth artists such as 12 theme exhibition.
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