Appeared at CTE China Toy Fair for three consecutive years, ZURU China showcased new trendy toys

by:Ennas      2021-12-18

The annual CTE China Toy Fair will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from October 21-23. As an important brand exhibitor, ZURU will showcase its new products on the spot and share brand operation experience. Recently, Wang Tao, general manager of ZURU China-Zhuyu (Shenzhen) Trading Co., Ltd., accepted an interview with reporters from CTE China Toy Fair, and talked with reporters from CTE China Toy Fair about the future development of trendy toys. CTE China Toy Fair reporter: The current trendy toys are very popular. Which trendy toys has ZURU launched? Wang Tao, General Manager of ZURU China: Starting in 2018, ZURU has been adhering to the product development principle of 'Keep innovating and not blindly following the trendLaunched three series of trendy play products with their own characteristics, namely the 5 times surprise egg series with 5 surprises, the Yunbo unicorn magic egg series with plush toys and slimes, as well as specially designed for boys. The Burst Kid Dinosaur Archaeological Surprise Egg series with 25 surprises. CTE China Toy Fair reporter: At present, social media is developing rapidly. How does ZURU use social media, video websites and other emerging publicity channels for product promotion? Wang Tao, General Manager of ZURU China: In terms of new media marketing, ZURU has established a good cooperative relationship with more than 100 toy KOL masters with a fan volume of 20W+. The product out-of-box demo videos are on Douyin, Kuaishou, Watermelon Video, and Tencent Video Platforms such as, iqiyi and other platforms have accumulated more than 145 million exposures, detonating the popularity of Yunbo's unicorn magic egg and other brand series products in the Chinese market. Since the launch of the Yunbo Unicorn Magic Egg series products, the ZURU marketing department has used social media marketing methods to achieve more than 400 million exposures through 360-degree marketing activities. CTE China Toy Fair reporter: What new products will ZURU bring to this CTE China Toy Fair? Please introduce the features of these new products? Wang Tao, General Manager of ZURU China: At this year's CTE China Toy Fair, we will bring a variety of new products in the blind ball category to the exhibition. 5 times surprise egg series, for girls, Unicorn S2 (Unicorn Dress Up Doll 2) will be launched, including 13 new unicorn dolls with cute shapes and pearl glitter effect hair accessories. The accessories are interchangeable. Change; for boys, Dino strike S2 u200bu200bwill be launched, which is composed of 13 mecha dinosaurs in new colors. The weapons of the dinosaurs can shoot at each other and the bullets will glow. The new product of Yunbo DIY ice cream magic cup, the new shape of unicorn plush toys has added electronic interaction elements, which can sing and imitate human speech. Using the attached slime powder, color clay and other materials, children can also DIY creative ice cream. CTE China Toy Fair reporter: What is the development prospect of trendy toys? What is the focus of ZURU? Wang Tao, General Manager of ZURU China: The size of the trendy toy market has grown rapidly in recent years, mainly benefiting from the dedicated and growing fan base and the rapid development of trend culture. According to Frost u0026 Sullivan research data, the size of China's trendy toy market has increased from 6.3 billion yuan in 2015 to 20.7 billion yuan in 2019, a compound annual growth rate of 34.6%, and it is expected to reach 76.3 billion yuan in 2024. ZURU will continue to innovate and upgrade the blind ball and blind bag toys every 6 months, in order to enrich the entire market category of blind ball and blind bag toys. CTE China Toy Fair reporter: As the first choice to participate in the CTE China Toy Fair, how did ZURU feel about participating in the exhibition in the past? What new goals does ZURU expect to achieve this year? Can you help me answer it? Wang Tao, General Manager of ZURU China: Although ZURU's products are sold to 121 countries and regions around the world, it only officially entered the Chinese market in 2018. As the largest professional and integrated international trade platform for the toy industry in the Asia-Pacific region, CTE China Toy Fair will definitely be Become the first choice exhibition for ZURU brand to explore the Chinese market. Since 2018, ZURU has participated in three consecutive years, and this year ZURU will bring many new products to the show, among which will show you the blind bag toy products in detail. ZURU hopes to continue to bring you 'innovative, peculiar and interesting' toy products. I hope that through this exhibition, ZURU can get to know more retailers and distributors, so that more children can experience and experience ZURU toy products. The fun and charm. To learn more about ZURU's brand information, don't miss the 2020 CTE China Toy Fair!
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