Aobay children's rocking horse toy scooter + rocking horse fun two in one, giving babies a different experience

by:Ennas      2022-01-23
Families with babies usually buy a lot of toys to accompany their children's growth. Today, the toy we want to share with you is a rocking horse with multiple ways to play! It can be a rocking horse or a scooter, which can meet the needs of different age groups and different moods! Ao Bay children's rocking horse toy, galloping in childhood, set off immediately. After disassembling the chassis of the fun-playing two-in-one rocking horse, it can become a fun-filled yo-yo car, which is smooth and not stuck, and it is not tired of playing. Immediately exercise the balance bar with a smile arc of 40° and swing with a certain degree. The baby can swing back and forth by coordinating the strength of the body's limbs, exercise the grasping ability of the hands, and improve the balance perception. U-shaped design, safer and more comfortable. The large and comfortable seat is ergonomically far away. The high backrest design comfortably supports the soft spine and protects the baby from the hidden danger of turning forward and backward. Stable mechanical load-bearing, anti-skid and non-rollover mechanical load-bearing, the force of the rocking horse is distributed to the entire floor, swinging does not damage the floor, and the large chassis resistance is doubled to make it more non-slip. 360° rubbing process, round and burr-free body fine polishing process, rounded and smooth corners, to ensure no burr, care for the baby's delicate skin. Safe material, reject BPA to select environmentally friendly ABS material, safe and odorless, strong and impact resistant, it can be used for babies with more peace of mind. The soft sprouting BB device exercises the baby's audiovisual ability and makes the baby's play more interesting. Did you fall in love with this toy? Whether you choose to play with your own baby or choose as a gift for your girlfriends, it is a good choice.
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