Ao Bei and Kid Wang Yun signed a contract to build a mother and baby content ecology in 2019, Aofei's baby and children's revenue is 800 million yuan

by:Ennas      2022-01-18
For the information age of the Internet, young parents are an indispensable part of the consumption of baby and child toys. They have distinctive personalities, have received more education, and pursue high quality while choosing daily necessities for their children. They also like to socialize. It is easy to establish a trusting relationship with each other through high-quality content. Of course, the rich scenes, combined with professional and interesting content, as well as omni-channel dissemination, can be more recognized by consumers in the modern maternal and infant industry. On June 16, China’s two well-known brands in the maternal and child industry, “AoBei” and “KidWang” through an online “cloud contract”, announced the launch of early education services, parenting courses and other in-depth cooperation in various aspects to jointly build a comprehensive mother The new ecology of infant content brings consumers value-added services beyond products. This time, the strong alliance between Aubay and Kidswant, from the launch of new products to content services, allows consumers to buy not only toys, but also a full range of early childhood education programs for families to play and learn. This new model of early childhood education in the maternal and infant industry will continue to be iteratively upgraded based on user feedback to meet the needs of users. Aobay is an infant toy brand under Aofei Entertainment Group. It was founded in 2006. After 14 years of accumulation, the cumulative sales of Obay brand toys have exceeded 50 million pieces. In addition to toy products, Obay also cooperated with maternal and child experts to provide professional parenting knowledge for many young Chinese parents. In 2010, Aubay set up an early education research center and hired a team of experts to study the psychology, intelligence and education of infants and young children, and is committed to designing and developing high-quality early education toys for Chinese babies. And its 'Parenting 365' series of courses are developed and designed based on the 'Multiple Intelligence' theory of Harvard Early Childhood Education College. It customizes game courses in various directions for babies of different months of age, and combines scientific parenting early education programs with toy products and daily necessities. Integration allows parents to use a variety of mini games in daily parent-child interactions to help babies inspire talents and achieve early education in play. In 2019, the revenue of Aofei infant and children terminal was 838 million yuan. According to Aofei Entertainment's 2019 annual report, the company is beginning to turn losses into growth. The financial report shows that in 2019, the company achieved revenue of 2.727 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 3.97%, realized a profit of 120 million yuan attributable to the parent, a year-on-year increase of 107.37% (turning losses), and operating cash flow of 280 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 283.27%. During the reporting period, in the field of toy business, Aofei lowered the proportion of the original trendy category, and realized the annual toy sales revenue of 1.26 billion yuan, accounting for 46.29% of the total revenue. It can be seen that the main toy business has slowly begun to return. On the baby side, we focus on the well-known domestic brand Ao Bei, and strive to provide professional educational toys for children aged 0-3. The best-selling toy models include age-specific rattles, bed bells, teethers, cloth books, etc. In 2019, the company's infant and child revenue was 838 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 21.75%, accounting for 30.74% of total revenue. Among them, BabyTrend's sales revenue increased, and its profit increased by more than 50% year-on-year, and the sales of all core customers showed an increasing trend. It is understood that the company wholly-owned North American baby travel and durable goods company babytrend and its main domestic product supplier Dongguan Jinwang Children’s Products Co., Ltd., among which BabyTrend produces and sells baby dining chairs, strollers, car seats, etc. In addition to the best-selling toys, Bei brand also provides strollers, study tables, crawling and toddler products. During the reporting period, babytrend is a first-line North American baby and child brand with a history of more than 30 years that the company wholly acquired in 2016.
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