Ao Bay Children’s Puzzle Number Cognitive Crab

by:Ennas      2022-01-25
Toys are intimate partners that accompany children’s childhood growth. Nowadays, as parents’ consumption and education concepts are gradually deepening, educational toys can enable children to learn more knowledge in the process of playing, and are therefore more favored by parents. And likes, it has become the preferred sub-category for parents to choose toys for their children. Ao Bay Children’s Educational Number Cognitive Crab is a children’s educational toy that uses advanced mathematics to enlighten children. It can allow babies to learn more numbers in the process of playing. It can be called an artifact for babies to learn numbers and enlighten them from an early age. Mathematical ability. Obay Children’s Puzzle Digital Cognitive Crab is designed with a unique and innovative structure and has a variety of interesting and magical gameplay, which can exercise the baby's brain thinking ability, hand-eye coordination ability and finger fine motor development ability. Aobay Children’s Puzzle Number Cognitive Crab can adopt three modes: 1. Game mode, which allows babies to advance to learn to count, so that they will not get tired of playing with the ball and throw the ball; 2. The learning mode, this little crab can not only throw the ball but also account for it. To count the number, just press the button to let the baby know the numbers in both Chinese and English so easy; 3. Question and answer mode, this little crab will also communicate with you, so that the baby can easily learn simple math based on the little crab’s questions. It's really fun! During the cycle of swallowing and spitting the ball, the Obay Children's Puzzle Digital Cognitive Crab can exercise the baby's small hand grasping ability, so that the 6-month-old baby can learn to crawl autonomously in a pleasant atmosphere. Ao Bay Children’s Puzzle Digital Cognitive Crab has rich and fun voices. The crab will help you when you answer the wrong questions. It will encourage you to answer the correct questions. It is a caring partner for babies to learn and play. It can make babies receive more goods while having fun. Full of confidence. Aobay Children’s Puzzle Digital Cognitive Crab is rich in colors, which can improve the baby’s visual color recognition ability, cultivate cognition, and let the baby experience more fun in playing. It can enlighten the baby’s mathematics ability from childhood, and the mother will give the baby educational toys. A must-have artifact! The detailed design of the Obay Children's Puzzle Digital Cognitive Crab is more intimate, non-slip and wear-resistant, and does not hurt the baby's hands. The intimate companion allows the baby to play and enjoy the fun of the crab.
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