Anyang unearthed jade fu hao Yin ruins like ( Figure) _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2021-09-05
Core tip: jade elephant (fu hao Anyang yinxu museum) The tomb of fu hao unearthed jade raw material, by experts for 300 pieces of MuYan identification, think most is xinjiang jade, only three pieces of's beak texture close jade fu hao like ( Anyang yinxu museum) The tomb of fu hao unearthed jade raw material, by experts for 300 pieces of MuYan identification, think most is xinjiang jade, only 3's beak texture approximation of xiuyan jade, 1 piece YuGe someone considered dushan jade, there are a few siliceous SLATE and marble. Suggesting that shang royal family with the jade to xinjiang hetian jade as the main body, is different from the kinki aristocrats and other parties to the leader of jade, ending in ancient China for twenty-three thousand years with stones jade stage. The tomb of fu hao jade jade is given priority to with shallow depth of sapphire, white jade, topaz mo is few. In addition to the royal jade, jade from to all countries, such as some engraved inscription that is, from 'Rwanda' this reflects the shang royal family and the jade jade craft characteristic. Cut jade skills have lines to Yin, Yang, flat, concave, three-dimensional technique, such as on a piece of jade often have multiple cut method, design of decent treatment also have change. The tomb of fu hao new jade ware has a GUI jie pan spinning wheel, comb, earwax spoon, tiger, elephant, bear, deer, monkeys, dogs, horses, cattle, rabbit, sheep head, cranes, eagle, leather, parrots, pigeons, young yan, cormorants, goose, duck, mantis, longfeng catamaran, phoenix, strange bird, monsters, and all kinds of characters, etc. , some of the shape is still rare. Art characteristics of the tomb of fu hao jade not only inherited the art of the primitive society tradition, and on the basis of real life and innovate, such as jade dragon inherited the hongshan culture jade dragon, snake dragon is still in the system and have change, more head, horn, eye, mouth, teeth more outstanding, shi diamond scale pattern, with open mouth and body curl, seemed to fly, the perfect form. Jade swan is a new form, the high crown hooked beak, short wings, long tail, elegant and easy, contrasting with the jade dragon. Yulong, jade swan and piled up longfeng jade carving production may be associated with witchcraft. Like jade, jade tiger animals such as jade carvings from life, summarize the symbolic technique in exaggerated accurately embodies the character of animals, such as like the tame docile, ferocious tiger flexible, etc. Jade people is the most valuable part of the tomb of fu hao jade, such as belly knelt jade, wearing rings, links a cylinder in front of the act the role ofing, wearing a collar robe, lower edge to the ankle, hands on knees kneeling, tied with broadband, abdomen before hanging strip 'shadowing', two epaulets word purpose animal grain, right leg ACTS the role of s-shaped serpentine, face is long and narrow, thin eyebrow big eye, nose small mouth wide, solemn expression. Its identity is MuZhuRen living or lady, hard to contend. , jade jade birds beast or jade, are all positive or side shape, this is the tomb of fu hao jade carving and the common characteristic of the shang dynasty jade. Large amount of unearthed from the tomb of fu hao jade that jade in shang dynasty occupies a very important position in the aristocratic life, this is the earliest example of 'jade welded'.
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