Antique furniture collection of common sense

by:Ennas      2020-06-15
Core tip: in general, the value of the antique furniture depends on the following five: category, craft, material, s, integrity. ( A) 'Material'. The usual arrangement is: 'the yellow' ( Huang, in general, the value of the antique furniture depends on the following five: material, s, craft, category, integrity. ( A) 'Material'. The usual arrangement is: 'the yellow' ( Chrysanthemum pear) , 'black' ( Red sandalwood) , 'three red' ( Old rosewood, chicken wing wood, tie li wood, rosewood, etc. ) , 'four white' ( Nanmu, ju wood, camphor wood, pine, etc. ) 。 Also some points in the material 'hardwood class' and 'cork', hardwood is superior to cork, hardwood class, such as rosewood, rosewood and old mahogany, cork classes refers to white. ( 2) 'S'. S refers to the date of the furniture production, the characteristics of different periods have different period, also have different artistic value. So the 's' is the most important value standard of antique furniture. ( 3) 'Process'. The so-called process includes two aspects, one is the structure and the modelling of furniture, the other is on the surface of the furniture decoration process, such as sculpture, Mosaic, polished, etc. Technology is the cultural connotation which directly implements factor, such as 'lines' as the main modelling method of bright type furniture, it reflects the washs practice of primitive simplicity, and elegance. Technology is also a very common and often neglected aspect, that is the polished surface. Polished to does not reach the designated position, often catches a furniture quality is an important problem. ( 4) 'Category'. In general, divided into the hall furniture, study furniture and bedroom furniture. One of the highest artistic value is the hall furniture, followed by the study furniture, bedroom furniture at first because they are hidden in the room, with practicality, in artistic quality is poor. Apart from the above three categories, there is a worthy 'boudoir furniture', such as 'imperial concubine couch', 'drum table', 'drum stool', 'a few', 'jean table', etc. ( 5) 'Integrity'. Carefully to see whether the imperfect, ever fill parts, jargon as the 'bulk head', these are the factors of affect the value of the antique furniture.
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