Animation Licensing Circle 'Huangpu Military Academy' Opens Classes to Help Manufacturers Win Brand Licensing

by:Ennas      2021-11-21

In recent years, brand licensing has become no longer unfamiliar in China, and its role as the 'Archimedes pivot' in driving consumption has gradually emerged. Disney, Barbie, Angry Birds, Thomas u0026 Friends, SpongeBob SquarePants , Teletubbies, Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf... all of these authorized images are 'money cows'. Once ordinary commodities are combined with them, they will immediately 'double their value.' At present, the global brand licensing business has developed into an industry with a market share of more than 200 billion U.S. dollars, and more and more manufacturing companies are vying to seize the new heights of brand licensing. According to statistics after the 2012 brand licensing exhibition, the number of licensees visiting the venue increased by 114% year-on-year, coming from major industries such as food, beverages, audiovisual, publishing, luggage and other industries, once again confirming the infinite temptation of brand licensing cakes. Brand licensing market cakes are attractive manufacturers but 'nowhere to speak'. With the continuous upgrade of people's consumption, China is attracting overseas markets as the 'second largest market in Asia's licensing industry' and 'the fastest growing market in the world'. Domestic and foreign companies have come to compete. However, brand licensing has appeared in China for a relatively short period of time. my country’s licensing industry is not very developed and well-developed. Coupled with the scarcity of authorized commerce docking platforms, many manufacturing companies are facing the brand licensing cake. When I was helpless. How to evaluate the influence of authorized image? How to choose an authorized image to suit your own products? What conditions need to be held if you want to become an authorized image partner? How to successfully leverage brand authorization to open up domestic and foreign markets? If a competitor is counterfeiting, how can I protect my rights? ...... Become the confusion of the enterprise collective in the authorized and authorized fields. Therefore, many manufacturing companies intending to enter brand licensing, while witnessing the high profits of brand licensing, are at a loss as to what to do, which has caused the loss of business opportunities. The industry 'Huangpu Military Academy' started classes to help companies win brand licensing. To help enterprises in stationery, clothing accessories, gifts, household goods, food and beverages, toiletries, books, audio and video, consumer electronics, toys, baby products, and other industries understand the licensing industry at home and abroad Trends and hotspots, learn from successful brand licensing operation experience, and promote enterprises to achieve multiplier results with half the effort through brand licensing. The China Toys and Baby Products Association is entrusted by the Cultural Industry Department of the Ministry of Culture, scheduled for September 6-10, October From 14 to 18, two advanced seminars on the national animation industry (animation authorization direction) (referred to as 'high-level seminars') will be held in Guangzhou and Shanghai. The 'Advanced Research Class' was initiated by the Ministry of Culture in 2008 with the purpose of cultivating high-end talents in the fields of animation creativity, planning, research and development, and marketing. It is known as the 'Huangpu Military Academy' in the industry. It is reported that the 'Advanced Research Class' takes 'Animation Licensing' as the theme and presents three characteristics: First, it gathers domestic and overseas licensing experts and scholars, successful licensors and authorized business executives, and the content of the courses demonstrates internationality, Professionalism and practicality; the second is to set up special lectures, corporate visits and other links, and strive to integrate theory and practice, and effectively remove all obstacles to enterprises in expanding brand licensing business; third, authoritative interpretation of development trends, inviting representatives of the International Licensing Industry Association LIMA to visit At the scene, share the current status and trends of the international brand licensing industry to help companies see the puzzle. Opening of the International Brand Licensing Hall 600 licensed brands for field observation After the training and baptism of the 'Whampoa Military Academy' system in the animation licensing industry, the senior executives of the industry will be able to fully grasp the knowledge of the licensing system and easily control the sail of the brand licensing business. In order to promote the in-depth cooperation and communication between the licensee and the licensor, and build an efficient service docking platform, the China Toys and Baby Products Association once again hosted the launch of the International Brand Licensing Pavilion this year, October 15-17, at the Shanghai New International Expo Center . As the most influential, authoritative and professional authorized trading platform in mainland China, this year's International Brand Licensing Hall attracted leading companies in the industry such as Metai, Disney, Hasbro, etc. Bi, Miffy, Ultraman, Thomas u0026 Friends, SpongeBob SquarePants, Teletubbies, Sesame Street, My Little Pony, Maruko Cherry, Garfield, Doraemon, Angry Birds, Bob Engineer, Smurfs, Touhou, Tusky, Crayon Shin-chan, One Piece, etc., well-known domestic authorized images, Bear Haunt, Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, Balala Little Demon Fairy, Armor Warrior, Guobao Special Attack, Moore Manor, Purcell, Ari, Starcat, Yun A total of more than 600 such as the odd flight diary will be unveiled across the board. At the same time, the exhibition site also provides 'one-to-one' negotiation and consulting services to help companies that want to leverage brand licensing to expand the market to find suitable licensing projects as soon as possible, and take the lead in seizing brand licensing business opportunities. ☆ To learn about the dynamics of the advanced research class and the details of authorized projects, please log in to the China Brand Authorization website. ☆ Brand licensing business opportunities are fleeting, visit and pre-register online now to grasp brand licensing trends.
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