Ancient small statue of the master, dazu grottoes, magnificent statuettes! _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-19
Core tip: as a late stone carving art masterpiece of dazu grottoes in the theme selection, the art form and the modelling techniques, aesthetic temperament and interest of generation of a breakthrough than before, with distinct nationalization, life as a terminal of the stone carving art masterpiece dazu grottoes in the theme selection, artistic form, modeling techniques and the aesthetic taste of generation of a breakthrough than before, with distinctive nationalization, adaptation features, with the yungang and longmen grottoes in dunhuang, constitute a complete Chinese grotto art. At the same time, the dazu grottoes is the best preserved Chinese grotto art group of grottoes, the wat and statues at the end of the vast majority of too much damage. Dazu grottoes in terms of artistic form and style, different from the northwestern and central plains early grottoes. Not only has its own aesthetic consciousness, the Chinese nation has more bashu culture and local characteristics, both the bold masculinity, and secular taste the beauty of the graceful and restrained. Dazu grottoes is a secular life picture scroll, is the epitome of the ancient society. Chongqing dazu grottoes, with its large-scale, exquisitely carved, diversity of subjects and rich connotation, and is famous in the world intact. It combines the Chinese Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism 'three religions' essence of sculpture art, with distinctive nationalization and lifestyle features, become a shining pearl in the Chinese grotto art. Dazu grottoes in a lot of physical image and text, which shows the style of Chinese stone carving art from different aspects and the development and change of folk religion, the innovation and development of Chinese stone carving art made an important contribution, a former generation grottoes irreplaceable historical, artistic and scientific value. Dazu grottoes is given priority to with buddhist statues, both Confucianism and Taoism statues. Has the characteristics of the grotto statues, belongs to the category of the grotto art. Early temple 'temple' type structure, completely is a cliff statues, such as big FoWan statues are all exposed, and cliff, a joint of give a person a kind of intuitive feeling. Dazu grottoes carved in the form with full relief and high relief, shallow relief, relief, Yin carved five, but mainly in high relief is given priority to, supplemented by other forms. Not only people in there are countless image, as well as many social life scenes, but also equipped with a large number of written records, is a vivid historical picture scroll.
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