Ancient and koguryo age _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-06
Core tip: carved from it the original sense of the word must be in the old Stone Age began, although has not been found belongs to typical works of that era. It is widely know carved from it the original sense of the word must be in the old Stone Age began, although has not been found belongs to typical works of that era. People generally know little sculpture is one of the earliest typical works of wei state of turtle rock some etchings and some belong to fractal TaoXiang neolithic human and animals. Bronzes, pottery and bronze ware TaoXiang creation is active, but small sculpture has been to South Korea after Buddhism was introduced to are beginning to develop on the quality and quantity. Any worth mentioning the small sculpture belong to the category of small buddhist sculptures. The koguryo period ( 37 BC - 668). The Buddha was in 372 when Buddhism entered the koguryo into South Korea. After that are believed to have for decades Han Guoyi artisan to begin to make your own figure of Buddha. Although there is no concrete evidence to prove that, but if the koguryo was the earliest production of Buddha of the three countries, is arguable that, since it was the first to open the door of Buddhism country. In Buddhism into the koguryo three years later, shaw door temple and Fran temple temple is built up, such as it can support this idea. In the ancient tomb murals and many historical records also show that Buddhism has a great influence on koguryo culture. However, has not yet found any early in 500 by south koreans creation of figure of Buddha. Not long ago in Seoul mole ( Ttuksom) When found a statue of four or five centuries gold-plated copper Buddha statue. Found the Buddha as the location of the belongs to the kingdom of paekche, but according to believe the Buddha came from China, because it has obvious style of northern wei dynasty figurines. If you can prove that it is Korean imitation works of Chinese figure of Buddha, it is the earliest example of South Korea's production of Buddha. For the moment, there is a clear one of the earliest koguryo Buddha - s mark - - - - - - Buddha -, of course, also can saying is the earliest South Korea - - - - - - Didn't appear until six centuries later. Area of the vast, the koguryo kingdom terrain and weather characteristics reflected in its artistic, the mainland side with koguryo bordering the northern wei dynasty warrior folkway are also affecting the art of it. Due to trying to create a kind of art from the northern wei when Buddhism was introduced to the foreign style of independent form, so it is of some unrealistic, the colour of geometry. These colour and any religion in the early stage has the characteristics of the spirit of asceticism knead with covers local art of the straightforward, produced a features a straightforward style. To according to retain few small gilded bronze or clay to illustrate the style of koguryo figure of Buddha is not an easy task. However, on the assumption that these small statue on behalf of the general tendency of small sculptures, at that time, then, is to find some available to identify the features. Covers the figure of Buddha of the face is long and narrow, in most was shaven head have obvious 'pekoe' ( The head uplift a piece, is the symbolic mark of Buddha) ; On the rigidity of the cylindrical body is covered with thick robes, on both sides of the saffron hem 'tail' fold; The Buddha's hands is greater than the normal rate. Boat light wheel not only around the head, and around a big bust, carved with although rough, but the line is strict said the flame pattern. Base is cylindrical, each engraved with the lotus-shaped, carved the knife method '. The most can reflect these characteristics is an engraved with 'delay jia seven years' ( In 537 AD) Gold-plated copper Buddha stands resemble. Like the east temple, built in Pyongyang in 1967 in celebration of south road, found in the village. 's ancient statue of long and narrow face unique smile, the rigid body is covered with thick robes, on both sides of the saffron hem around open method Angle, shaped like a bird feather - - - - - - - This kind of together produced a kind of spirit temperament. An engraved with the casting s for 'decyl not years' ( Editor's note: in what year is unknown) Golden bronze statue of Buddha also shows some same characteristics. However, in an engraved with 'XinMao year' ( In 571 AD) Three words statue of Buddha, you can see eased tension and rigidity degree. Although the Buddha body wearing thick robes of symmetrical folds suggests, the Buddha remains largely affected by the northern wei dynasty the style, but its modelling is slightly obviously changes: face filled out, cassock garment fringing flowed into M shape, a much softer on the handle. This is likely to be influenced by the eastern wei and wei or caused by the influence of beiqi early or even weeks, the results of these effects is to make a completely koguryo own style into a new stage in the process of evolution. In south pyongan province yuan () Northern wei) Found some of the same style clay sculpture of Buddha, though no engraved like Ming s, but according to believe to be the work of the mid-sixth century. With the improvement of koguryo art artisan craftsmanship and consolidation of buddhist status, small sculpture has experienced many changes in style, to around 560 finally formed the true style of koguryo.
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