Analysis of the future development of the educational toy industry Zanbaby educational toys invites agents

by:Ennas      2022-02-03
In the current industry, educational toys have attracted much attention. The toy industry has attracted countless entrepreneurs to join, because the family pays more attention to children's intellectual development in the same year's play, and the market demand for such toys is also relatively large, whether it is domestic sales or export development potential is unlimited . China can be said to be a larger toy manufacturer and exporter. More than two-thirds of toys both inside and outside are made in China. Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other places are China’s important toy production and export bases. Among them, Guangdong is an electric and Plastic toys are the main products, Zhejiang-based wooden toys, and Shanghai and other places mainly use plush toys. The export volume of educational toys exceeds 500 million sets, while the import volume does not exceed 100 million sets. Of course, it can also be understood through market revenue data. It is understood that in 2013, the domestic educational toy industry's market revenue reached 56.3 billion yuan, in 2014 it reached 65.2 billion yuan, and in 2015 it reached 74.1 billion yuan. After years of continuous development, the market has become extremely hot. With the continuous improvement of domestic living standards, parents pay more attention to the physical and mental development of their children. They mainly choose educational toys. They start pre-school education earlier, and the growth brought about by parent-child interaction has attracted much attention from parents. It is understood that, on average, 4-6 out of 10-20 toys per child are educational toys, so the market potential is huge. Zanbaby educational toys is a comprehensive modern enterprise integrating Ru0026D, production and marketing of infant educational toys. The company has a brand of educational toys that focus on 0-6 years of enlightenment-Zanbaby! Zanbaby brand product series are divided into: baby bed bell series, educational rattle series, enlightenment musical instrument series, educational car series, electric music series, educational early education series, play house series, baby daily use series, etc. It can better meet the needs of consumers.
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