Analysis of the development prospects of the toy market

by:Ennas      2022-01-18
To join an industry, you must first understand the direction of the industry. What is the prospect of the toy market in 2020? May wish to listen to how Zanbab analyzes it! 4.5 trillion children's consumption market The children's economy is rapidly developing and growing, and the scale of China's children's consumption market is close to 4.5 trillion yuan. Among them, the experiential children's business format that can drive parent-child consumption has also become a standard feature in emerging shopping malls to attract customers. . The 500 billion children's gift market now has many relatives and friends giving gifts to children, so the children's toy market is exploding during holidays. The concept of parenting and childcare has changed and the educational early education industry has entered a transitional period. Brands have been iteratively upgraded. Traditional toys can no longer meet the needs of the current market. Building blocks and technological products have gradually taken the lead. When users choose early education products, they are more concerned about the cost-effectiveness, intelligence, and specialization of early education. New retail outlets, are you ready? The concept of new retail has been mentioned long ago. With the integration of online and offline, there will be no more e-commerce in the future, only new retail! Why not take this opportunity to join in and share the gifts given by the market? Zanbaby brand product series are divided into: baby bed bell series, educational rattle series, enlightenment musical instrument series, educational car series, electric music series, educational early education series, play house series, baby daily use series, etc. Your agent is cordially invited! ! ! !
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