Analysis of Four Unqualified Toys in Dongying, Shandong

by:Ennas      2021-12-08

Since April 2014, Dongying City Administration of Industry and Commerce has sold Dongying Zhenhua Commercial Building, Kenli Branch of Dongying Yinzuo Shopping Mall Co., Ltd., Shengli Oilfield Shengda Central Supermarket, Dongying Credit Building Department Store Co., Ltd. and other four large shopping malls and supermarkets. The quality of children’s toys such as plush toys, plastic toys, wooden toys, etc. has been monitored. A total of 12 batches of products produced by 10 manufacturers have been selected. 8 batches of products are qualified and 4 batches of products have been inspected. It was judged as unqualified, and the overall quality pass rate was 66.7%.  Sampling inspection standards and test items   The sampling inspection is based on the national mandatory standard GB6675-2003+A1:2005 'National Toy Safety Technical Code'. The testing items include: 1) Mechanical and physical performance testing: The samples sent are tested according to the standard GB6675-2003+A1:2005 'National Toy Safety Technical Specification' Clause 4.1 + Appendix A. 2) Combustion test: According to the national mandatory standard GB6675-2003+A1:2005 'National Toy Safety Technical Specification' Clause 4.2+Appendix B. 3) Migration of specific elements: according to the items required in mandatory standards and product standards such as clause 4.3 + Appendix C of the standard GB6675-2003+A1:2005 'National Toy Safety Technical Specification'. Analysis of unqualified toys. After the random inspection was carried out according to the national mandatory standard GB6675-2003+A1:2005 'National Toy Safety Technical SpecificationsThere are 8 batches of plastic toy products for this sampling inspection, and there are 2 batches with unqualified physical quality, and the unqualified rate is 25%. The material of plastic toys is relatively fragile. After abuse test (torsion test), it breaks to form a dangerous tip, which may scratch children's fingers or body. After the abuse test (tension test), the parts of plastic toys produce small parts, which may cause choking hazards for children.  (二) Plush Toys   The plush toy products sampled in this inspection are 3 batches, and there are 2 batches with unqualified physical quality, and the disqualification rate is 66.7%. The main unqualified items are: a) The circumference of the loop formed by the thread or rope on the plush toy is greater than 360mm, which may be entangled, strangulate the child's limbs or neck, and even cause the child to suffocate. B) The fluffy ball on the plush toy falls off after the abuse test (tension test), which may cause the risk of suffocation of the child. Consumers remind consumers to pay attention to the following points when purchasing products:    1. Check the product label, focusing on: the manufacturer’s name and address and contact information; the age mark on the toy (this is one of the important conditions for children to choose toys. One); Security logo.  2. Check the appearance of the toy to confirm whether the toy is sanitary and easy to clean.  3. Check whether the parts of the toy are firm, and whether there are unreasonable sharp ends or edges, especially when choosing toys for children under three years old, be more cautious.  4. Pay attention to the product quality monitoring information released by the authoritative department, and do not purchase the unqualified products in this random inspection. When you purchase unqualified products, you can call 12315 to report.   For the unqualified toy products found in this random inspection, the industry and commerce department has ordered the inspected distributors to stop selling them, and they are processing them in accordance with the law. If consumers find that the operator continues to sell unqualified products of the same kind, please call 12315 to report, and the industrial and commercial authorities will severely investigate and deal with it in accordance with the law.
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