An area of 2500 square meters exhibition 'print'

by:Ennas      2020-06-12
Core tip: guest the theme pavilions 'leaked' into the 61th Frankfurt book fair in advance highlight - — — Frankfurt time this newspaper reported that there have such a landscape since the Frankfurt: a long theme pavilions 'revelation' in advance into the guest countries highlight the 61th Frankfurt book fair - — — Frankfurt time this newspaper reported that there have such a landscape since the Frankfurt: a paper of about 39 meters long, winding as 'mountain'; 1100 large wooden movable type, piled into a 'pool'; About 20 square meters, the water has ink 'drops' into the water, from strong to weak; This is the 61th Frankfurt book ZhanZhu guest theme pavilions; It was named after 'China'. 2500 square meters of Chinese theme pavilions, made the biggest highlights of the book fair, also made China's publishing of print one of the biggest overseas. In Frankfurt exhibition hall in the city center, particularly garish theme pavilions, China -- — Mountain overlooking the visible 'paper', being close to 'sniff' ink, the statue of Confucius and CAI lun, used also 'attend'. One scene in the theme pavilion move step, step, step a 'milestone' of the Chinese printing and publishing: 39 m paper suspension half empty 'paper mountain', meaning that China has been the invention of paper; More than 2000 exhibits, each telling the Chinese print thick long: hemp paper of the western han dynasty unearthed in dunhuang, gansu province in 1979, was born in was invented by CAI lun better papermaking, before the western han dynasty papermaking has a prototype; The vajra prajna polo close by, is China's earliest existing engraving printing material; Replica of the east are readers, the book 'meishan cheng Mr. Scheeren curtilage, and published' the boss is not allowed to cover version ', this is the world's first about copyright statement; At the scene, the reporter saw the southern song dynasty of the burgeoning copyright on behalf of the Chinese earliest print, also meet the new China's first copyright cooperation magazine businessweek, see the oracle, seen from the late scientist wang xuan about Chinese character laser typesetting system design manuscript to 'e-book' the age of the Internet. Guest of the theme pavilions, is the fair organizing committee for the previous guest countries set up, this is an area of 2500 square meters of the independent, specifically to show the image of national culture. Theme pavilions of China in 2009, by the Austrian Li Jiwei Chinese designer is responsible for design, Yuan Xingpei, white steel and other Chinese scholars to participate in the complete script. Pieces of panel, from xi 'an banpo pottery symbol is the origin of Chinese characters began 6000 years ago, recorded the emergence and evolution of Chinese characters; Starting from the 2nd century BC, also recorded the invention of papermaking and gaiden; Records of the three basic forms of printing in ancient China: engraving printing and movable type printing and registering; Also recorded since 1949 the development of the new China's publishing industry. Learned, Frankfurt time at 5 PM on the 13th around guest countries held the opening ceremony, Chinese writers participate in all kinds of literary reading activity, the engraving printing, printing, and publishing cultural exchange activities, will be held in the theme pavilion, China. Related news newspaper interview with designer theme pavilions Li Jiwei digital reading 'everybody' reported the theme pavilion building in China, our reporter zhu ling played on the Frankfurt hung suspended in the air 'everybody', like at the scene of a huge 'question mark' - — This weighs about 4. 5 tons, 5 to 7 meters wide, long about 39 square meters, 316 square meters of 'everybody', is how form? The opening on the eve of the Frankfurt book fair this newspaper in an interview in the theme pavilion site designers Li Jiwei in the busy. He tells a reporter, 'everybody' is the main material glass reinforced plastics, paper, steel wire, metal truss: small statue model with the 60 tons statues mud, about 30 tons of gypsum, thousands of square metres of wood; Installation by 1. 5 tons of German FRP, 4. The chemical material such as 5 tons of fire prevention materials aluminum hydroxide ( Germany) And more than 6000 pieces of handmade paper, etc. It was revealed that 'everybody' art installation took just 29 days, July 20 solstice in Shanghai on August 19, after completion of production all packing for two and a half days to Germany on August 22. The design team, project management, production workers a total of more than 230 people.
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