American STEAM teaching toys heat up

by:Ennas      2021-12-01

Children can learn various useful abilities and skills, such as problem-solving, teamwork, and hands-on operations during games. Now, many related manufacturers hope to incorporate the teaching aid concepts that were used in the classroom to introduce and educate esoteric subject knowledge into toys, because such toys are very popular in the United States and are becoming more popular. Adrienne Appell, a trend expert of the American Toy Association, said: “Toy manufacturers are constantly striving to find creative ways to integrate the five disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. The content of the subject is integrated into toys (ie STEM/STEAM teaching toys), adding to the educational and playability of the product.” At the same time, she also emphasized: “In addition to related toys based on science and mathematics, there are also some toys. Going further, educate children to be friendly, responsible, and to look at other cultures with an open mind to make the world a better place.' Let’s take a look at the more distinctive STEM/STEAM educational toys in the US market: 1. Woobo Smart The companion robot (Woobo) is produced by Woobo, Inc. This is an intelligent companion robot specifically for children between 2 and 8 years old. It uses artificial intelligence technology to provide personalized interaction, stimulate children's imagination, curiosity, and cultivate positive social skills. 2. Lupita Tradition is produced by Tepeyac, LLC. Lupita is a Spanish elf who rewards children who do good deeds. This new 2018 version of Lupita's traditional culture picture book uses AR e-books to give Lupita elves alive, and accompany children to learn cultural stories and play games on different topics. 3. Kids First Big and Fun Microscope is produced by Thames u0026 Kosmos. The product simplifies the structure of the standard microscope and enlarges the key parts, which is convenient for children's small hands to operate. Equipped with an 8x microscope, the slide table has a light-emitting function to make the field of view clearer. 24 popular science cards are included with the product. 4. Abby’s Garden Planting Activity Set (Abby’s Garden Planting Activity Set) is produced by Green Toys. This gardening suit encourages children to interact closely with nature, understand and experience the growth process of plants firsthand. Equipped with flower pots, plant height labels and cartoon stickers, etc., make the gardening process full of fun. 5. Rainbow Colours Ukulele (Rainbow Colours Ukulele) is produced by Rainbow Colours Music Ltd.. This rainbow ukulele innovatively uses color-coded strings and scores, which greatly simplifies the difficulty for children to learn to play music against the scores, reduces children's fear of learning instrumental music, and leads them into the music hall. 6. Turing Tumble is produced by Turing Tumble LLC. The design of the product is very innovative. In accordance with the requirements of the task card, the child should hang different movable parts on different positions of the pegboard to create a runway to the end for the balls of two different colors in red and blue. Quite a test of physics knowledge and hands-on problem-solving ability. 7. The Magic School Bus Growing Crazy Crystals are produced by The Young Scientists Club. This is a crystal experiment kit, allowing children to understand and observe the process of crystal formation and various changes. Children can use the materials in the suit to make crystals of various shapes, crystal holes, and even a crystal garden. The product is equipped with an observation card to record the detailed process of crystal formation. 8. Code and Learn Ladybug (Code and Learn Ladybug) is produced by The Learning Journey International. This cute little ladybug is a good partner to lead children into the world of programming. According to the guidance of the programming card deck and the color map, enter the direction instructions on the remote control to make the little ladybug reach the destination smoothly. Through programming games, instill the concept of direction to children and cultivate their problem-solving skills. Remarks: The content of this article comes from 'Chinese and Foreign Toy Manufacturing' magazine, and the purpose of reprinting is to convey more information. If you have any copyright issues, please contact us to delete it in time.
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