American photographer Alinsky’s masterpiece 'The Horse Head and Mouse Body'

by:Ennas      2021-12-01

According to foreign media reports, American photographer Alinsky noticed that squirrels are often in the backyard of his apartment, so he thought of a coup to tease the little squirrels. He hung a horse-head toy from a tree branch and used a plan to make a squirrel get into the horse's head for food, forming a 'horse-headed rat body' picture.   Ailinsky hollowed out the bottom of the horse's head, hung it on the branch with a string, and put in the peanuts that the squirrel loves to eat. It didn't take long for a squirrel to 'smelt the peanuts   Looking from a distance, the little squirrel that has strayed into the trap is like a 'little monster' with a horse-headed squirrel, making people laugh. After capturing this moment, Alinsky couldn't hide his excitement, and ran to his fiancee with a wild laugh. He also uploaded the photo to the Internet, attracting more than 1.5 million people to watch it.
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