American **** outdoor toy brand Wham-O enters China

by:Ennas      2021-11-14
(Original title: American **** outdoor toy brand Wham-O enters China)    When I was a child ** like to play hula hoop, do you know who invented it?    Now ** love outdoor sports is the ultimate frisbee, why is it called Frisbee? ?  I saw foreign children playing shuttlecock, but I don’t know where to buy?  ……  These questions, Wham-O, the **** youth outdoor toy sports brand from the United States, can all give you the answer!    Now, this heritage An advocate of outdoor fun for 70 years has finally come to China. Wham-O was founded in 1948 and is headquartered in Emeryville, California. The name comes from the sound of its flagship product Wham-O slingshot when it collides with its target. It is a company that stands tall in American classic culture. A company that traditionally manufactures sophisticated toys is also a lifestyle-leading brand. For nearly 70 years, Wham-O has always been synonymous with fun, games and sports. Wham-O always provides a variety of innovative and imaginative toys for children and adults. It manufactures and sells some of the most advanced consumer brands in the world today, such as the classic Frisbee (Frisbee) and SUPERBALL (Bouncing Ball) , Slip'NSlide (water slide) and HulaHoop (hula hoop), as well as outdoor brands Morey (surfboard), Boogie (surf board), SnowBoogie (sleigh) and BZ (surfboard).   Wham-O advocates simple and simple, age limit, through Wham-O to stimulate creativity, encourage social interaction, let children be happy to play, and redefine the concept of fun. There are 19 sub-brands under Wham-O, which cleverly develop products suitable for different seasons. Whether it is sunny, windy or icy, Wham-O always has a great product suitable for playing, so that outdoor fun will never end!      Wham-O has a strong global business, North and South America, Australia, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions. At present, Wham-O has established cooperation with more than 300 retail partners around the world, such as walmart, costco, Amazon, Tesco, Acedemy, TOYSRUS, five below, meijer, INTERSPORT, menards, coles, etc., successfully cooperating with these entities and online retail The businessmen have established a strong partnership.   Wham-O continues its years of success and entrepreneurial spirit by establishing efficient and win-win partnerships. Bring more new products to the market and realize the unchanging promise-no matter when and where, whether it is indoors or outdoors, to provide family, friends and partners with more and higher-quality products and services.     Wham-O’s flagship store on Tmall was officially launched this month, which also marked the official entry of Wham-O into the Chinese market. The    shop contains a series of products including frisbees, skipping ropes, fancy sandbags, and outdoor toy sets, especially the Frisbee Frisbee products, which are rich in styles and exquisite workmanship, bringing unprecedented outdoor fun to Chinese children. For related information, you can go to the official Sina Weibo or the official account of Star Outdoor Sports to learn more about it. On the occasion of the grand opening, there will be multiple discounts, which should not be missed.  Responsible editor: Han Lu (EN053)  Keywords: toy brand USA China  Product shooting Details page production Shop decoration
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