Amazon will take over omni-channel distribution of Toys R Us

by:Ennas      2022-01-23
Foreign media recently reported that Amazon has also become the new online partner of Toys R Us, an American toy company. Since October last year, Target has been supporting the online and logistics services of Toys R Us, and now, the online business of Toys R Us will be controlled by Amazon. Today, shoppers who browse and select products on will be redirected to the product page on Foreign media has confirmed the relevant news to Toys R Us. But Target and Amazon have not yet responded to requests for comment. According to Forbes, in July 2020, Tru Kids Brands, the parent company of Toys R Us, terminated the agreement with Target, which was launched in October 2019, to enable the discount store’s toy classification, digital functions and fulfillment services to support omni-channel Toys. R Us shopping experience. Following the report originally published in the 'Toy Book' in the United States in July, Forbes received confirmation from Toys R Us and Target that the partnership has ended. Amazon declined to comment, but toys sold on the R Us website currently redirect shoppers to click-to-buy links on None of the participants provided any details about why Toys R Us and Target terminated their agreement or entered into any new cooperation with Amazon. Toys R Us previously worked with Amazon to provide e-commerce website development and order fulfillment services in 2000. However, Toys R Us eventually sued Amazon for controversial claims, and their agreement called it Amazon's exclusive toy retailer. . In 2005, Toys R Us had the right to terminate its 10-year contract with Amazon five years in advance, and finally received $51 million in compensation.
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