All the wonderful accept fundus meticulously carved fine long hair end xiao-fang ding. chinese art appreciation

by:Ennas      2020-05-31
Core tip: impression, jiangnan woman, should be dressed in a simple but elegant cheongsam, in the oiled paper umbrella, twist the waist, stepping with deliberate, swaying in the depth of the suzhou rain lane that mellow hankage impression with a clove, jiangnan woman, should be dressed in a simple but elegant cheongsam, in the oiled paper umbrella, twist the waist, stepping with deliberate, swaying in the depth of the suzhou rain lane that a mellow hankage like clove. If this figure associated with solid, texture fine, smooth ivory, you may feel confused? From anhui province xiao-fang ding is a prominent representative of new suzhou, and suzhou city's highest. chinese art designer. She, in railway normal school in the 1990 s the first time by chance let her ivory carving factory in Beijing saw. chinese art. This experience opened the door of destiny to xiao-fang ding, she is produced with. chinese connected. In 2009, xiao-fang ding in suzhou cheung yun sandalwood fan co. , LTD has applied for in the name of the country, processing and sale of ivory license, and in the second half of 2010. The two approved by the state forestry administration, state administration for industry and commerce of ivory in the designated place processing, ivory products designated place sales license, let xiao-fang ding have regular access to the channels of the original teeth. Across the country, the double card complete company but a mere dozens, and suzhou unique xiao-fang ding an ivory products enterprises, 'it makes me full of confidence about the future,' she smile, eyes filled with determination and hope. Ivory a born beauty, smooth like jade, via. chinese list after finely crafted, more exquisite. 'The prosperous time, like' peaceful, ivory is the symbol of wealth and good fortune, since the ancient times was deeply loved by Kings and princes, business tycoons, scholars also rushed to collect. With ivory material increasingly rare, ivory art appreciation potential and the collection value is self-evident. . chinese of suzhou has a long history and has begun to take shape in tang and song dynasties, the Ming and qing dynasties to be the favorite of the literati. However, as time goes on, the original tooth increasingly rare,. chinese old artists have gradually withdrew from the stage of history. Combined with the international convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora ( CITES) More difficult, to obtain the original teeth. For xiao-fang ding, she wants ivory carving the non-material cultural heritage will continue in the contemporary, to protect the culture of the motherland is pithy, she thought the ivory, the lack of raw materials does not become a reason of the lost. Then xiao-fang ding hired Dong Lansheng, Gu Juzhong, Pan Yuguo, YanShuPing, YuJian. chinese the older artists such as suzhou, to more. chinese modern aesthetic design and carving, finally. chinese to glow the new art. Suzhou flavor is done, he shouted dealers is HeiWa Bridges under white walls, suzhou tastes more saturated with literati temperament. The history of this did not dissipate over the same by deducing the contemporary. chinese art in suzhou. Superb skills from generation to generation, guanyin, characters, scenery, animals, flowers, Buddhism, and all the wonderful house end meticulously carved, Carving, relief, valuable. such handiwork, engraved look, round, light carving, the tooth board piece. To connect body with carved ivory, as small as between qiankun mirror, can be a smooth surface jade-like stone gwon-chul jade, fine-grained rule book town, outside Wall Street provide relief can be brush pot. These four treasures overelaborate carving fine, decorative GongLi colorful, wonderful artical excelling nature. These folk artists of the design of the manual plus xiao-fang ding, both north rouge generous tuan li, also have austral spell able and exquisite beauty, each piece of work is the cultural traditions of suzhou and climate. . chinese flavor of the literati, witnessed the progress of an ancient culture, more witnessed the growth of artists like xiao-fang ding, these, are the edge in suzhou.
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