All kinds of toys that swept the childhood of two generations thirty or fifty years ago reappear in Beijing

by:Ennas      2021-12-18

Yesterday, a hutong temple fair known as the smallest hutong temple fair in the capital was held at the Museum of No. 93 Tieshu Xiejie Street, Xicheng District. It was popular for two generations three to fifty years ago. All kinds of toys from people’s childhood reappear. Unfortunately, although they have evoked the memories of many citizens, most people can no longer play with these toys. (Photo by reporter Fang Fei) Who would have thought that something that can not be separated from one's hands will not be handled well after 30 years of holding it in the hand. Yesterday, 'Post-70s' Sui Kang pushed the hoop and didn't run two steps before the hoop fell to the ground. In the courtyard of No. 93 Tieshu Xiejie in Liulichang, a so-called 'smallest alley temple fair in the capital' is being held here. Sheep crutches, rope turning, shuttlecock kicking, spinning tops were popular in the childhood of two generations thirty or fifty years ago. All kinds of toys reappeared, neighbors, adults and children, crowded with a yard. It is conceivable that the child-like scenes of people playing in the age of confidence did not immediately appear. Faced with their once-loving playmates, they encountered Sui Kang's embarrassment more often. “I’ve been gearing up for several days. I told my son that I’m going to show him a hand today.” Sui Kang was still excited when he first entered the yard, but he picked up the hoop and made a gesture, dumbfounded. He didn’t take two steps. fall down. 'I pushed this thing back then, ran across the streets of Dashilan, turned and drilled alleys without stopping, Beier was very quick. Why can't I play this thing now and show my face.' Sui Kang muttered, unable to pull away in a hurry. Shuan, his son was still laughing at him, making him blush. It's really not Sui Kang who blushed. Ms. Gao Yanbing, who has gone back more than 30 years and is known as a master of cruising and an invincible hand in three streets and six alleys, was no longer heroic yesterday. The sandbags thrown up were stunned and couldn't catch them, let alone put various shapes on the sheep crutch. 'The light in this room is not good, and it takes me to look at it. I think it was not blowing, I had a drawer that I won...' The girl on the side didn't like to hear her mother say Gu, she turned her head and ran outside the house. Look at the spinning top. Spinning tops is also called 'smearing traitors'. Ji Jianjun, who is struggling, is going to give the 'post-70s' a face? With one whip after another, the top spinning rapidly on the ground, and everyone cheered around. Ji Jianjun became more energetic, but with one whip, it got crooked. To start again, you must first squat down and tie the top with a whip and press it on the ground, but the round beer belly makes this seemingly simple action even more difficult. After three attempts were unsuccessful, Ji Jianjun, whose forehead was violent, had to shake his head to give up. The No. 93 Yard of Tieshu Xiejie, Liulichang, where the temple fair is held, is a miniature museum dedicated to the public welfare dissemination of intangible cultural heritage. The teaser posters for holding small temple fairs and playing with old toys were just posted at the end of last month, and the neighbors in the neighborhood were itchy. Many 'post-70s' who grew up in the hutongs with spinning tops and rolling hoops brought their children to search for childhood memories. But facing childhood toys, the memory is still there, and the technique is born. After the embarrassment, it was a bit sour. 'Modern society is developing rapidly. How many good things from the past have we lost?' said Lin Wei, the director of the Museum of No. 93 Yard. For this small temple fair for playing with old toys, 'it is to remind the big guys to care about us.' Lost things.' On the other side of the yard, Sui Kang seemed to have gradually found the feeling, the hoop pushed more and more decent, and he compared it with the peers on the side, but two people took five or six steps. They bumped into each other, grinning like a child. 'The general secretary said that we should let everyone see the mountains and water, and remember homesickness.' Lin Wei said, the homesickness of Beijingers is not the old hutongs, old yards, and the old gadgets used to play with children. Are you? Hearing that, another 'post-70s' next to him nodded frequently. He parodyed Mr. Yu Guangzhong’s 'Homesickness' and sneered a poem. Although it is not working, it has a taste-'Homesickness is a faded toy. Time can no longer play.'
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